Intentional Power Delivers Your Goal to You with Your Story, Your Way

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Achieving goals has suddenly become much easier with Intentional Power’s positive customized stories that mirror their clients’ aspirations. Instead of losing motivation after writing down a goal or affirmation, clients hear the storyteller’s therapeutic voice guiding them as they feel the motivation and excitement of seeing their goals become real. The supportive vocals and narrative, in turn, inspire their clients to enthusiastically take positive action and ultimately reach their target.

Intentional Power has redesigned the way their clients think about and realize their goals. Through a unique interview process, clients identify their goals and associated emotions. This information is then transformed into the client’s positive real life story, gently guiding them step by step through their intended actions, all the way to their desired outcome. Intentional Power then presents the client with a customized audio book ( of their own positive personal story for them to hear whenever they want. The beauty of this product is that, although Intentional Power recommends their clients focus on the recording at least once a day, the time and place is completely at their clients’ pleasure. It’s “appointment-less,” a welcome relief during these busy times.

“It’s difficult for people to rein in their thoughts, especially in this age of purposefully overcrowding our schedules and our lives. Our goal is to help ease individual chaos so that our clients can see what they truly want and allow themselves to feel it and believe they can have it,” says Debra Hollinrake, expert author and founder & CEO of Intentional Power. Debra applied her thirty-year study of spiritual philosophy, self development and the nature of personal reality to her individual experiments and those with test subjects, where she discovered the immense positive power of this method. She says, “You can feel the energy you’re creating as you hear and envision your story. It really is exciting.”

Part of Intentional Power’s focus is on breathing. “How often do we do that,” asks Debra, “allow ourselves a tiny space of time in a day to feel ourselves breathe?” But this is exactly what Intentional Power does. They help their clients relax into the process instead of pushing themselves to deliver. Intentional Power believes that relaxing into the process is a big part of their clients’ success ( relaxed activity; relaxed thoughts; i.e., feeling good and stress-free, while focusing on their goal. Intentional Power’s stories make it crystal clear that each individual goal process is positive, fun, intentional, easier than one would think, and they help their clients feel the reward of their efforts each step of the way. The company’s intention is to help their clients see their magnificence, their special qualities that make it possible for them to achieve what might at first seem impossible.

Intentional Power also offers an audio subscription to weekly positive affirmations ( directly from their web site. Each week they discuss a positive thought and provide tools to incorporate that thought into their subscriber’s daily life. And for those who like to put their toe in the water before diving in, Intentional Power offers an introduction CD entitled, “Redesign Your Thought Box,” ( for customers to get a better idea of how their powerful customized method works.

Intentional Power makes it easy to reach your aspirations. Your Story, Your Way – Customized Affirmations for Positive Personal Growth. Take that first step now and join the growing list of satisfied customers fulfilling their dreams.

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