Sex Sells: Tongue & Groove to Host World Premiere Pur3x Designer Beverage Party of First Sexual Enhancement Drink for Men and Women

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Pur3x Unveils a Powerful Aphrodisiac Drink Called of All Things…Pure Passion! Pur3x has partnered with Tongue and Groove, an iconic nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia, for the launch of its Designer Beverage Club product line; Pur3x Renew, Revolution and Passion. CEO Andrew Rinehart and Master Distributors, Rick Hagar and Larry Lantieri will be present to introduce the world to Pur3x.


pure enthusiasm in a can

Pur3x knows one thing for certain; sex sells and their new all natural Designer Beverage is formulated to get the blood pumping without the need for pharmaceuticals. On April 2nd, 2010, Pur3x, a Salt Lake City company became “the first mover” in what is sure to be a multi-billion industry, all natural elixirs that enhance moments of intimacy in not only men but women, too. With ingredients like “Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Catuaba Bark Extract and only 60 calories, how could a person not feel more like Fabio or Lady Gaga.

Tongue & Grove, an iconic Atlanta hotspot will be one of the first night clubs in the world to introduce Pur3x Passion and it is sure to attract a list of well known celebrities to this hot event. It seems Hollywood has already jumped on the ‘Passion Train’ with Jeana Keough, from who stars in Housewives of Orange County who has been spotted embracing a can of Passion on the popular Bravo Cable Network Show. Rumor has it that Pur3x might be launching a Passion reality show in the near future.

"The last time I saw a product this exciting, people were delivering two cases out of the trunk of their car and today that energy drink company is generating sales in the billions. With the world boomer population looking for an all natural solution to pharmaceuticals, Passion may have multi-billion dollar ingredient" -- Tom McMurrain

Tongue and Groove will be hosting the world premiere launch of the Pure3x Passion beverage on April 30th from 9pm to 11pm at the Lindbergh City Center. The CEO, Andrew Rinehart and Executive staff of Pur3x will be present to meet people interested in becoming distributors, Passion celebrities and social media gurus.

Andrew Rinehart, the CEO of the company is a self made millionaire many times over and those who know him state that he is a marketing genius with enviable entrepreneurial acumen. Rinehart built a string of over a 100 cellular franchises by the time he was 26 and sold the company for an eight figure sum. This CEO has huge ambitions not only in the corporate world, but has been deeply involved with political fund raising and has been seen in many pictures with former US presidents, the proof is on his Facebook page.

Pur3x Designer Beverage Club officially launched its product line in January of 2010 and recently released Passion at the beginning of April. Pur3x offers three products; an energy drink called Renew with 95mg of caffeine and 12mg of sugar which is much less than the well known brands. In the nutritional category they offer The health beverage, Revolution, is an Acai Berry based fruits and veggie drink which packs 3725 mg of phytonutrients and antioxidants, 100% of the daily allowance of nutrition. Revolution has no caffeine, artificial flavoring or coloring, just “pure enthusiasm in a can”. This is truly a healthy beverage packed with the daily nutrients the body needs, no matter what age. While Pur Renew contains some caffeine, Pur Revolution is non-caffeinated. Both contain excellent health giving ingredients.

When it comes to sexual enhancement, most products are found in pill form and cater only to men. Pur3x corrected those dishonors by creating Pure Passion for him and for her. Pure Passion was formulated with only the finest of natural ingredients, vitamins, fruits and a unique proprietary blend of intimacy enhancing supplements that will improve those special moments with a loved one. Passion is low in sugar, low in calories and tastes as amazing as the results you'll receive after consuming. Drink daily to improve overall performance and 30-45 minutes before sexual activity.

The company states in their presentation that they are positioning themselves as a contender in the beverage industry which is a 100+ billion dollar industry, but that they are interested in the niche markets hence calling themselves a designer beverage company. So what is a Designer Beverage? Simply put - it’s a delicious beverage “Designed” for a very specific health oriented need. The possibilities are endless. People buy designer cars, watches, handbags and clothes, will they buy designer beverages? One thing is for sure, Passion, if it works will sell like candy.

Pur3x is distributing through a referral based rebate program the owners of bars like Tongue and Groove can now earn money from other bars selling the product as well as customers being able to sign up as a distributor and have their product drop shipped to their house. This is the first time that a direct marketing product has been attractive to restaurants and night clubs and it provides the ability to earn revenue in the club through the sale of drinks and outside of the club through the B2B distribution program that the company offers. The product will not be available in retail stores. It seems that night clubs, bars and hair salons now have a product that will create some excitement and revenue for their businesses.

So what’s next for Pur3x? Imagine the hottest products in the health, wellness, anti-aging and weight management industries. Products for brain function & mental acuity, appetite suppression, weight loss, bone & joint health, relaxation & better sleep, cardiovascular health, better skin hair & nails, a stronger immune system, athletic performance, and enhanced moments of intimacy.

Sex sells and Pur3x is providing a refreshing alternative to pharmaceuticals that anyone can now drink right out of a can!

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