Health Freedom Constitutional Amendment Draws Mounting Attention for First Online Conference

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Advocates of Health Freedom around the USA are calling for a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee the free flow of health related information, unrestricted access to health care options, full disclosure in labeling of foods to include telling consumers whether foods have been genetically modified. They are also demanding an end to coercive or compulsory medication and vaccination for both children and adults. The growing movement is spear-headed by the Natural Solutions Foundation, the world's largest health freedom NGO - nongovernmental organization which is hosting an online discussion of the issue by phone and forum.

Noted health freedom activist Rima E. Laibow, MD, and her organization, the Natural Solutions Foundation, are leading the charge for an amendment to the US Constitution which will assure fundamental rights now under sustained attack both in Congress and by US Government regulators.

Although signer of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Rush, MD, and other founders such as Thomas Jefferson understood the need for explicit protection of health freedom, the concept was never protected in the wording of the US Constitution, allowing the sustained assault and abuse of regulatory power by the Federal Agencies involved with regulating drugs and food: the USDA, FDA, EPA and FTC. These alphabet agencies are closely allied with special commercial interests and have a history of resistance to natural solutions to health issues.

Accurate scientific information concerning the benefits to consumers of food and food products is deemed to constitute "Health Claims" which are regulated by the FDA in a manner to suppress that information. Reputable national associations of growers of cherries and walnuts were both threatened with having their products classified as "illegal drugs" if independent, peer reviewed, scientific papers clearly showing health benefits from each of those foods were not immediately removed from the organizations' websites.

Truthful labeling of foods which are made from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) is prohibited in the United States by the FDA, which also censors truthful GMO-Free claims, although nearly every other developed country in the world demands full disclosure on consumer labels of such information.

Health aids such as the relaxation tool called a "Holistic Ear Candle" have been unilaterally classified as "Unapproved Medical Devices" which "have no medical use", and which therefore can never be approved. The fifteen small businesses that made these natural products have all been told by the FDA to "cease and desist" from selling these essentially harmless products; for details see:

Un-patentable natural nutrients and devices are being removed from the market by these agencies if:

1. They have ever been studied scientifically for any reason since that "makes" them an unapproved drug
2. They are of potential interest to drug companies for future commercialization
3. They have an existing literature documenting health benefits from their consumption
4. Their manufacturers, distributors or grateful customers make any reference to their healthful impact on their lives.

According to the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, properly used drugs are one of the leading causes of death in the developed world. Yet non-toxic, gentle natural means are under increasingly severe attack.

The Natural Solutions Foundation educates the public and decision makers that clean, unadulterated food and high potency supplements are the most significant economic competitors to the economic success of the economically enormously powerful pharmaceutical industry. Because of lax conflict of interest rules and officially sanctioned "revolving door" policies in which regulators and members of regulated industries are indistinguishable, instead of supporting and strengthening natural health options and thereby supporting increased well-being, decreased health costs and decreased drug deaths, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Marshals and lawyers, along with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulators are waging an increasingly virulent battle against those same health options.

While continuing strong support for legislative reform, the Natural Solutions Foundation and its allies in the health, freedom, patriot, libertarian, progressive and tea party worlds have joined forces to bring a strong Health Speech and Freedom of Conscience Amendment forward for adoption by Congress and ratification by the States.

The Foundation sponsored Yahoo!Group is at:

The Foundation is sponsoring a 45 minute informational and participatory call to discuss the HSFOC Amendment on Sunday, May 16, 2009
from 9:00 - 9:45 PM (Eastern). Participants may call 219-509-8322, Pin 937848# to join the call.

Contact: Natural Solutions Foundation
Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D.
dr(dot)laibow(at)gmail(dot)com Subject Line "AMENDMENT"
Ralph Fucetola JD
ralph(dot)fucetola(at)usa(dot)net Subject Line "AMENDMENT"


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