Beauty Report: Dermaxin Leaves Consumers Smiling While Erasing Their Wrinkles

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A new beauty report linking the long term affects of using injections like Botox to the loss of facial expression has more consumers opting for over-the-counter and side effect-free wrinkle creams, like Dermestetics’ best-selling wrinkle cream: Dermaxin.

In light of recent health and beauty articles that have surfaced, which derive some newly-founded information about the long-lasting effects of the popular anti-aging Botox injections – namely that over time many users can and will experience the loss of facial expression – more consumers seeking effective wrinkle treatments are turning to safer, less costly and over-the-counter wrinkle creams that offer the same results – such as Dermestetics’ best-selling wrinkle cream: Dermaxin.

In a very interesting article that was published in early April on the London Evening Standard’s online news portal – – under the ‘health and beauty’ section, that was entitled, “Lose your wrinkles - and your friends,” the article addresses some very attention-grabbing facts about how the usage of Botox injections over a prolonged period of time can, as the article cites, “Develop weaker activity in the amygdala, a part of the brain that is key to experiencing emotions. By paralyzing away our wrinkles we may also paralyze certain expressions out of existence.”

In essence, these newer studies on Botox reveal a well-known risk, or side effect, in using them that has been repeatedly debated within the medical community: the loss of facial expressionism.

This eye-opening anti-aging article fully cites as follows,

“With most new treatments the true extent of their side effects often don't become apparent until many years of use have passed.

We are still waiting to see what laser eye surgery does to our eyes in old age, and now Botox is coming under the spotlight as possible long-term effects of its use are being hypothesized.

Surprisingly, they are not to do with damage or toxicity but with the effects that a face devoid of expression may have on our social skills and interactions.

It's actually rather amusing to think that some people's relentless pursuit of youth and beauty is making them seem cold, aloof and uninterested. Or did we know that already?

Studies of Botox users have thrown up some interesting confirmations of just how much we rely on unspoken signals like body language and facial expressions to judge mood, emotion and feelings. People with autism find it very difficult to read these signals and often misunderstand people's feelings.

We all lie somewhere on the autism scale, showing varying degrees of autistic behavior, but these new Botox theories suggest that if Botox use becomes prevalent enough we may all slide a notch or two along the scale, becoming less able to understand these important non-verbal signals.

If we can't frown, look angry or sad or show appropriate empathy at the right times then we risk losing friends and alienating people.

There is another important point that occurs to me. We know that human facial expressions have evolved over millions of years for better communication and empathy. Babies instinctively mimic other people's facial expressions.

Charles Darwin postulated that facial expressions actually create emotions too. In other words, if you smile you will feel happy, if you frown, you'll feel down.

When people mimic others' faces, often subconsciously while listening to them telling a story, they don't just go through the motions; they actually go through the emotions too. This is known as the "facial feedback theory".

So it may be suggested that Botox users fail to experience emotions as well as failing to display emotions.

Interesting experiments have been done which have shown that regular Botox users develop weaker activity in the amygdala, a part of the brain that is key to experiencing emotions. By paralyzing away our wrinkles we may also paralyze certain expressions out of existence.

This suggests that our anti-ageing quest may well be tampering with the ancient lines of communication between face and brain, changing our minds in ways we don't yet understand.”

(Source: Internet, 2010;

The spokesperson for Dermaxin, Teresa Richards, explains that informative articles like this one really offer the consumer a true look at the known effects of using some of the popular injected dermal fillers, but that it also allows them to be made aware that there are other options out there—like an effective wrinkle cream that can provide them with the same results, but at less cost and without the needles.

“It has been long known amongst the medical community and amid numerous FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) warnings that the loss of facial expression can be a side effect to using injections like Botox,” Richards states. “Beauty reports like the aforementioned are wonderful tools in educating consumers that they do indeed have a plethora of other viable options to choose from when it comes to anti-aging products, and that there are effective wrinkle creams available – like Dermaxin – that provide similar results in the same time frame—but without causing any side effects.”

Dermaxin wrinkle cream is easily applied to the skin using small dabs and pats of the cream, lightly massaged into the skin.

Most users will see noticeable signs of wrinkle depth reduction, skin smoothing and firming within the first ten minutes of application, when used as directed.

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