CarpiFashionSystem, Together to Create a New B2B Fashion Portal

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The fashion web b2b Carpi Fashion System is a platform aimed at showcasing the great companies operating in the fashion industry in the regions of Carpi and Modena – ranging from production to subcontracting and services. It represents a selection of the most interesting firms in the area, capable of providing professional products and services executed with care and attention, thanks to the practical and entrepreneurial wisdom that has been transmitted down through generations and is now deeply rooted in the DNA of the people who live in this region. Each of the companies that are part of Carpi Fashion System has managed to create a unique product and successfully place it on the market, constantly investing in research and always breaking new ground in order to keep up with the demands of a sector that is constantly evolving. In the future the fashion industry is going to face great challenges, but they can be overcome by creating a pro-active network of companies capable of pooling resources together to share their knowledge and open to new ways of interpreting the economic and sociological evolution of the world that surrounds us.

Seventy-four fashion companies in the Carpi area of Italy , situated in the north central part of the country , have banded together to create a new B2B fashion portal, CarpiFashionSystem.

Seventy-four fashion companies in the Carpi area of Italy, situated in the north central part of the country, have banded together to create a new B2B fashion portal, CarpiFashionSystem. The initiative comes from newly founded CampusDellaModa, the “only class A fashion school” in Italy to have a genuine and operating promotion arm for the Italian fashion industry.

Carpi is Italy’s most concentrated fashion zone with 60 % of all employees involved in the fashion sector and is just a step away from Modena, the home of Ferrari cars. It’s no coincidence that It hosts by some measures, the world’s largest prestige brand fashion company, Max Mara, along with others like Champion, Blumarine and Liu Jo.

CampusDellaModa was founded last year as a top fashion further education institution, thanks to the initiative of Carpi Banking Foundation and has been very surprised by the response from companies often considered classic “soloists”.

The portal was put together by two gifted fashion journalists , Giulia Rossi and Fabiana Salsi who interviewed in depth every company to check the brand identity or functional reasoning of each entrepreneur.

New initiatives are already springing from this, like a subsystem of the companies clubbing together to open a showroom in the prestigious Via Senato in Milan with an autumn project with sights on 5th Ave NYC. Another selection of these companies will be involved in supplying a new B2C e-commerce platform later this year.

“The mainspring of the Italian economy is the small and medium enterprise,” says Phil Taylor CEO, CampusDellaModa which is turning out its first Masters graduates this spring.

Its logical that in the face of globalization it makes sense for these companies to network together their operations. In Italy this has always presented problems. So it speaks well of CampusDellaModa’s credibility in supplying an objective, reliable forum in which the companies feel at ease to collaborate intensely together.

This could have only been achieved with the help of the local industrial and craft associations in the Modena Area, Confindustria, CNA, Lapam who have shown incredible cooperation in assisting with the project.

Once running Taylor tested the idea through the various social networks liked LinkedIn and now has the development ideas for the next steps in developing the portal,” he says. “The main area will be to work on the search indexes to facilitate the fashion buyers job in sourcing from Italy."

“Without being dogmatic we have tried to favour and select Made in Italy as a common basis for the range of companies, which includes 3 areas: production companies, branded fashion houses and related fashion services,” says Diana Bezer, Head of communications at Campus. Of course the effect on the school area is highly positive. One of the main big criticisms of fashion schools is that of being remote and cut off from industry.

On the day of writing, 30 fashion companies came to do business at CampusDellaModa – “so we certainly can’t be accused of that," says Viviana Benedusi, the head of the Milan showroom project.


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