What Do Vampyres And Lawyers Have In Common?

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Both instinctively go for the throat? No: in this case it’s Blood, Outrageous Strength, and a Sex Drive that just doesn’t quit!

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“If you love a good lawyer joke, get tired of the pretenses we must endure in daily life, and want a respite from feeling bad about your little failures, you will love this book."

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In George Earl Parker’s new book, “Vampyre Blood—Eight Pints Of Trouble,” Count Dracula gives up his evil ways, joins the Techno Zombies, a Goth rock band on a tour of America, and saves the life of dying lawyer Brad Chester by using his magical blood in a traditional transfusion.

“Twilight’s Bella has nothing on Brad the lawyer,” says reviewer Shoshana A. Maybe because he’s oblivious to the changes taking place in and around him: like going from near death to vibrantly alive. Changes his emergency room doctor turns a blind eye to--because his peers will think he’s gone stark raving mad.

“There are a few outstanding things about Vampyre Blood that make it fantastic,” says reviewer Haley M. “One of them is the writing! The descriptions are wonderful. Parker knows how to explain…the feeling of music, complicated emotions like love, and other abstract concepts like fate and fame, (putting) them to words in an enticing, almost seductive way.”

“A hilarious send up,” says reviewer Wanda H: “The author has included lyrics of Techno Zombies’ songs, which are far superior in their style and originality… to most pop songs today.”

Like the howling moan of the Wolfman
like the beating of Dracula’s wings,
like a nightmare that leaves you suspended
in the pit as the pendulum swings,
like King Kong climbing up the Empire State
while his heart is pounding with fright,
there’s a nameless fear in the shadows
there’s a monster in my mind tonight.”

“Are you ready to laugh until your stomach hurts?” asks Brand’e at Book Junkie. “(Then you) have to pick up Vampyre Blood, a hilarious and fresh twist on the ole tale of Count Dracula.”

As madness and mayhem prevail in New Orleans, Haley M states: “There is a wonderful blend (in the) plot-driven and character-driven story line. The characters are so entertaining, and the things that happen to them are hilarious.”

As Wanda H ends her review: “If you love a good lawyer joke, get tired of the pretenses we must endure in daily life, and want a respite from feeling bad about your little failures, you will love this book. Its humor will brighten any day and its perspective will lighten your heart. It’s silly, it’s endearing, it’s very human, and it will make you laugh out loud.”

“I highly recommend Vampyre Blood—Eight Pints of Trouble!” says Denyse Bridger. “It's edgy, compelling, and funny! You don't get that combination often, and rarely is it so well balanced with a core character, who is an icon. So, congratulations to George Earl Parker on a novel well worth reading!! I can't wait to see what he creates next!”

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Author Website: http://www.georgeearlparker.com
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