KoolDocs.com Offers Convenient Medical Solutions for Travelers or Those Who Simply Don't Have Time to Spend Waiting at the Doctor's Office

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Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare, and KoolDocs.com has seen its business grow dramatically in recent months. For far less than the cost of a visit to a local doctor, and with literally no waiting time, consumers with health issues can log on to the internet, head to KoolDocs.com, and be in touch with a live physician by telephone within 30 minutes. A KoolDocs online doctor is available to diagnose patient conditions and prescribe medications or antibiotics as needed. Telemedicine is a great option for people who are on vacation, traveling on business, or who simply don't have time to wait three days for an appointment with their regular doctor.

With summer vacations just around the corner, it's good to know about services like KoolDocs.com, where online doctors are waiting to help people who have medical needs while on the go. Online physicians know that, no matter how well people plan, there's always the chance they will leave important medications behind or have an unexpected medical situation arise.

For example, when families are traveling and someone becomes ill, has an allergy attack, or gets into poison ivy, it's hard to know what to do. Additionally, when people leave home without important medications it can cause major anxiety or health concerns.

In these situations consumers can call the nearest local doctor, but getting in to see him or her could take days. Many people faced with these issues head to the emergency room, but if it's not a "true emergency," they end up paying dearly for the privilege (while waiting a long time for service all the same). It can be difficult to reach a personal physician when away from home, and leaving messages and waiting around can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

For minor ailments, the perfect solution is an online telemedicine consult with a licensed physician from KoolDocs.com.

KoolDocs.com offers consultations and prescriptions from general practice, family medicine, and internal medicine experts. Patients use a secure internet connection to provide detail and history about symptoms and their condition, and the doctor responds by telephone to advise on treatments and prescribe needed medications. The website promises that a doctor will call you back within 20 minutes, which is less time than patients typically spend in a traditional waiting room. Best of all, no one wants to go out and sit in a waiting room when they aren't feeling well.

Telemedicine is a relatively new concept that utilizes the technology of the internet, email, cell phones and even web cams to put patients in need in touch with a physician who can diagnose their ailments, suggest appropriate treatment options, and prescribe medications to get them feeling better fast.

The service is confidential, safe, and secure, and all physicians are board certified, licensed and carefully screened.

It's a professional and affordable service not only for patients who are traveling or away from home, but for anyone who doesn't have the time to leave work to go to the doctor or who would feel better just staying home in bed.

Kooldocs.com is also the perfect solution for renewing prescriptions for chronic conditions such as seasonal allergies or thyroid conditions, or for confidential consults and prescriptions to treat erectile dysfunction, herpes or STDs.

KoolDocs.com also offers a quick and easy option for patients who need a doctor's excuse to get back into school or work, but who don't have insurance or the time and money to spend making an appointment to see a physician.

KoolDocs.com works for people with or without insurance, because it not only saves time, it saves money. Comprehensive fees are provided to patients up front, with payment made only after the consultation is complete. Return visits for renewing prescriptions or for follow-up consults are discounted. The average savings is four hours of time and $154 per visit compared to a traditional office visit.

Consultations are available for ailments ranging from acne and athletes foot to sunburn and swimmer's ear. KoolDocs.com physicians also can provide consultations and treatment for conditions such as upper respiratory, colds or flu, laryngitis, or urinary tract infections. A complete list of ailments and services can be found on the KoolDocs.com website.

"Patients often know what they need, but because medication may be the only treatment, they have to take the time and spend the money to see a doctor. When time is short, or you are away from home, we're the perfect solution," says James Egidio, founder and managing director of KoolDocs.com.

There are no monthly membership fees and many insurance plans may apply online consultation fees to the deductible. (Patients should check with their insurance provider.) It's anticipated that telemedicine will be the fastest growing area of medical treatment over the next several years.

For more information, visit http://www.kooldocs.com, or call 800 378 0086.

About KoolDocs.com
KoolDocs.com is a telemedicine provider that employs State and multi-state licensed physicians that specialize in Family Practice, General Medicine and Internal Medicine.
KoolDocs.com primarily focuses on online doctor consultations, as well as medical excuses for work and school. It is our goal to make your online consultation a safe, secure, private and affordable experience. KoolDocs.com employs caring, compassionate, and professional physicians who are available to consult for acute simple medical conditions such as bronchitis, colds, coughs, flu, ear infections, sinus infections, laryngitis, sore throats, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, smoking cessation, shingles, athletes foot, acne, rashes, insomnia, erectile dysfunction, herpes and much more. For more information, visit http://www.KoolDocs.com.


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