An American Anthem: Feelin' Skaweezed

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Many Americans are feeling the economic and resulting social impact caused by the current downturn. Feelin' Skaweezed captures the angst. There is no political message, just the frustration and fear that no matter a person's age group or socio-economic level, it will be a long time before it gets better for most of us.

Today, America finally has an anthem, "Feelin' Skaweezed" ( that captures the mood of real average people who are under constant and relentless pressure, and feel nobody is listening.

Featuring singer Jason Karn, Feelin' Skaweezed is the first song (also viwable on YouTube at: that goes beyond political positioning and strikes at the anger, anguish and angst average Americans are feeling. Its message is simple. ENOUGH!

Spokesperson Peter Bernstein, stated, "Today's launch of Feelin' Skaweezed gives voice to the unheard--average Americans just trying to get by who are sick and tired of being sick and tired."

What is Feelin' Skaweezed?

Feelin' Skaweezed is the work of old friends. The founders:

  •     Live on streets with foreclosed homes
  •     Have children and small businesses that have been hurt by the recession
  •     Have been denied health insurance or benefits even when they had insurance
  •     Know people and/or have parents who fear personal and generational financial ruin more than death
  •     Played by the rules, but like average Americans have gotten stuck with the bills for those who did not

Feelin' Skaweezed is not affiliated with any political party or organization, nor is this an attempt to start one. That is the work for those with the time, energy and the inclination to party.

Feelin' Skaweezed is about what most Americans are feeling:

  •     Disgusted with being treated like statistics instead of people
  •     Upset with the lack of civility in public discourse, and see it as critical part of the problem and not part of the solution
  •     Outraged that Wall Street always wins out over Main Street
  •     Angry that those who pay the most or scream the loudest get what they want, claiming to do so in the names of average Americans because their silence is taken as agreement
  •     Ready to speak up, and anxious to be heard instead of those with angry loud voices and/or the money to buy influence

There truly is wisdom of the masses. This site will only be as good as the stories that are shared.    This is a place for people Feelin' Skaweezed--regardless of their politics, age, religion, gender, race, or cultural perspective--to be seen and heard.

  • The song, video and log of Feelin' Skaweezed are registered marks.

For more information contact Peter Bernstein: peter.bernstein (at) feelinskaweezed (dot) com


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