Dating Advice For Men Update: It’s Time For Real Solutions On Creating Attraction, Not Hollywood Solutions

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A top dating coach shares why most dating advice for men comes straight out of Hollywood movies and TV shows and why more and more single men feel frustrated about their chances with women after believing the Hollywood myths.

You don’t have to look far for movies and TV shows that indirectly give dating advice for men. On the big screen boy meets girl, boy gives lots of compliments, boy takes girl to fancy restaurant and buys her flowers, and boy gets girl.

The question Dennis Miedema asks is this: do single men fall for it? Do single men believe that compliments, restaurants, and flowers “get the girl”? Unfortunately, his customers prove that the answer is yes and that the Hollywood version of dating advice for men doesn’t work in real life.

Dennis Miedema, a top dating coach who gives dating advice for men revealed: “Most single men don’t have anyone to go to for dating advice when growing up. All they get from their friends and family when they have “girl trouble” is a beer. So, they look for examples of how to “get the girl” and the only ones they can find are in movies and TV shows. And that’s a bigger problem than most people realize: every man in Western society has to deal with it sooner or later.”

Then he goes on to say: “Meanwhile, men that ask for dating advice are being called manipulative, because people claim learning how to meet and date women is manipulation. In reality, following what Hollywood shows you about how to meet women is the real manipulation!”

As proof, Dennis Miedema asks single men everywhere to think about the following facts before looking at Hollywood for dating advice again:

1) He says: “Single men grow up thinking giving a woman flowers, candy, and compliments is the right thing to do to get her. But would you give your best friend flowers? No! Are you being yourself around him? Yes? Then clearly, you’re not being yourself when you’re giving a woman flowers and by doing so, you’re manipulating her into liking you! Attraction is based on emotions and not on materialistic gain, so don’t expect it to work.”

He mentions that 9 out of 10 times a new customer has been believing in the myths fed to him by TV and movies for so long that he needs to "undo the bad programming" before he can even start with his coaching.

During his coaching he shows what he thinks is the real way attraction works: mind over matter, personality over materialism. And personality traits that have been creating attraction for thousands of years now are what Dennis’s dating advice for men focuses on.

2) Dennis Miedema also says: “Women sometimes have these huge wish lists of qualities that their ideal man should have and single men are either scared away or made insecure because of these lists. After all, it’s in all the movies and tv shows so it must be true right? Wrong! Attraction is based on feelings. It’s created by emotions mostly on a subconscious level. Logical reasoning has nothing to do with it and bad boys are the ultimate proof: it makes no logical sense to fall in love with them, but women still do and always will fall in love with them.”

He further explains: “But no one likes to think that they can’t control something, let alone that they can’t control who they may end up marrying. So those wish lists only exist to confirm women’s illusion of control over their love lives. Neither women nor men really control their love lives, they can only steer it in a certain direction at best.”

After hearing Dennis Miedema speak, it quickly becomes crystal clear that most dating advice for men is based on either how to impress women with gifts or on logical reasoning.

Meanwhile, what attraction is and how men can start creating attraction seemed to be neglected until Dennis recently released The Simple Inner Game System which he says contains the scientifical research to back up his claims.

And although the big players in the beer industry may not like to hear it, society definitely needs to start doing something about dating advice for men. Better said: society needs to do something about men growing up believing in Hollywood myths about what love is and how to meet women.

Dennis Miedema is the author of The Simple Inner Game System and a trusted authority on dating advice for men. During the last 2 years, he has helped 603 men approach 10.854 women, get 2.713 phone numbers, and go on 904 dates. If not more. He´s a guy that talks the talk and walks the walk, a great dating coach that truly cares because he makes a point of being available for advice almost 24 hours a day.

Dennis has been recognized by the Seduction Syndicate (an association for dating coaches) and several other dating experts across the globe for giving top notch quality dating advice for men from a unique perspective.

He has spoken in front of hundreds of single guys on such topics as how to beat the fear of rejection, the top 10 things not to do when approaching women, and how to start creating attraction using nothing but your personality. Dennis hopes to finally reveal the truth about creating attraction and about how meeting and dating women really works.

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