Are You Ready For The Summer? Five Tips To Help You Prepare

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Summer is steadily approaching and many have fallen short with New Year's resolutions that have a direct correlation with this season. Statistics show that 46% of those who make New Year's resolutions fall short of their goals by not making it past the first week. BlackNLA will supply you five tips that will pave the way for a fun, fruitful summer.

Summer is steadily approaching and many have fallen short with New Year's resolutions that have a direct correlation with this season. Statistics show that 46% of those who make New Year's resolutions fall short of their goals by not making it past the first week. According to Dr. Regina Dixon Reeves, consultant/life coach/motivational speaker at RDR Consulting in Chicago, not keeping resolutions does not reflect negatively on people, but it is indeed important to move forward with goals as they prepare for the summer season.

"Lots of people make New Year's Resolutions that they hope will serve them in the future such as to lose enough weight to get into a bathing suit, save enough money to go on vacation, etc. For lots of reasons, many of those resolutions are abandoned. Does it say anything negative about the people making them? No! When preparing for the summer, people need to realize that it is never too late to start and get started," explains Dr. Dixon Reeves.

These five tips will pave the way for a fun, fruitful summer.

Tip 1 - Realize you have fallen short of your summer goals and get started.

Coming to the realization that you have fallen short in your preparation for the summer will set you up to get started. It's never too late. Self realization allows you not to be paralyzed in moving forward when accomplishing your goals. Dr. Dixon Reeves explains that it's about forgiving your self. Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself or beating yourself up about what you haven't done. Forgive yourself and begin today She feels it is as simple as starting small with beginning your workout routine and recommends starting to eat more healthy meals., go for a walk, or choose fresh fruit instead of chocolate cake. The key is to be real with your self and start today.

Tip 2 - Get mentally prepared to get started in achieving your summer goals.

Being mentally prepared for a fun, enjoyable summer can be a fun process in itself. Use your environment - the change in the seasons, and other physical factors - to jumpstart you and encourage you to get those serotonin levels and endorphins recharged from the winter.

Dr. Dixon Reeves explains, "I don't think people spend enough time mentally preparing for summer. When we were younger, most of our mothers did spring cleaning. It included exchanging the heavy winter clothes for the lighter spring and summer clothes and cleaning the house from top to bottom. As people, we need to do the same thing. We need to shed ourselves of negative thinking; clear our minds of self-imposed limitations; and get out and enjoy life!"

"Follow your summertime dreams TODAY! Do all the things that you keep putting off - until you lose weight, until you are in a relationship, until you finish school, etc. Life will pass you by - we must begin to live every day to the fullest! Life really is about living! "

Tip 3 - Give yourself a true physical assessment.

Give yourself a true physical assessment from head to toe, inside and out. Are you physically ready for the summer sun and less clothing? Are you still carrying around those extra 10 pounds from the holiday season? Now is the time to start working on shedding those extra pounds.

Fine tune your exercise goals, find an exercise you enjoy, and enlist a friend are three steps Dr. Dixon Reeves suggests to get you physically fit. She believes incorporating these three steps with eating moderately, exercising vigorously, drinking lots of water and taking at least 15 minutes each day to feed your spirit with prayer, positive affirmations and stillness will put you on track.

"If you find something you enjoy doing, you are more likely to stick with it. Most of us wouldn't dream of standing-up a friend up, but we will put off a date to exercise by ourselves. Find a friend who has similar fitness goals and begin to work out together. Serve as accountability partners for each other."

The physical is not just the body; invest in getting your skin and hair summer-ready. According to Valerie Franklin of Salon Sol in Long Beach, Calif. now is a good time to do hair conditioning treatments since winter weather can often dry out hair. She says you want to make sure your hair is just as healthy as your body for summer outdoor activities.

The skin is most often forgotten. Because you are outdoors more often in the summer, you want to make sure you have an adequate skin cleansing regiment and the proper and correct SPF level sunscreens for protection. Start with a couple of facials to get rid of that dead skin. For women, you don't want to wear as much makeup during the summer months. Be sure to stay hydrated, which is good for both women and men.

Tip 4 - Evaluate your summer wardrobe.

Los Angeles-based Celebrity Stylist and author of popular style blog, JanelleNicoleInc (, Janelle Nicole says the summer season is all about confidence, and your clothes should reflect this. No more winter/spring layers to hide behind. Your summer wardrobe IS the most freeing wardrobe and speaks volumes.

Janelle Nicole explains, "Schools are out, the office is more relaxed, and most cities are trying to stay cool in 100-degree weather. No better time then summer to break the rules and be bold. No matter your message, make sure you choose clothes that make you feel organic. The more you feel like yourself in your summer attire the more confident you will appear. Summer is the best time to exude your personality through your wardrobe."

She goes on to say don't be afraid to be daring with your clothes for the summer! What's more important then DO and DON'T trends is to "DO" what is right for your body type and take into consideration your lifestyle. A "DO" for a jet-setting 21-year-old clubber may not be a "DO" for a 38-year-old, working mother of two. For summer, DO color, and DON'T be boring.

Summer 2010 is about being more creative so you can give your credit cards a break during these tough economic times. Janelle Nicole says you can buy less but buy the best. Pick a few quality pieces that complement your best assets and make them your fashion staples while you splash in cheap-n-chic fashion panache you find along the way to create your own iconic summer look.

"I get feverish when I think about all the yummy fashions being served to us this summer. Ladies are getting more flirty, the hem line on the rise again, underwear as outerwear, floral prints, stripes, my favorite - muted color sequence, and ruffles are popping up everywhere - on skirts, under business suits, on dresses, on sweaters and even on jeans," says an excited Janelle Nicole.

"For the gents: Smart-Free-Easy is the look. Even the stuffiest of men who have frowned upon denim in the past are now being fitted for a pair. Even though color is a touchy subject in the land of men, this summer splash in olive, yellow and eggplant. On top of that a sports coat and a clean simple medium wash denim says casual Friday."

Tip 5 - Take a short trip to kick off your summer.

Put your preparation into play by clearing your schedule to take a short trip to start the summer off right.    Tell the boss and clients, you won't be reachable because you will be kicking off your fun summer on a trip. Taking a short weekend trip can prepare you for longer summer trips that you may take with friends and family. Seek out groups like BlackNLA (, a Los Angeles based lifestyles and event company for African American professionals, that offer yearly short trips to usher in the summer.

BlackNLA's Founder and President Cherice Calhoun explain they offer a short trip as a way to show professionals they too can get out of their daily grind routines and celebrate the sun and fun of summer. Their three day trip to Las Vegas in early June provides a relaxing yet fun interlude to kick off the summer.

"The professionals that BlackNLA serve have very busy lives and don't always have the time to take a full week or two weeks out of their schedule to get away. So to show them, they can enjoy the summer, we offer a short trip to start the summer season. Many of our attendees are hard working professionals, and they see this as an opportunity to get out of the city, meet new people and have some fun in the process. This trip allows them to see they can integrate fun activities and travel into their busy lives."

BlackNLA chose Las Vegas as their short destination spot because it is easily accessible. Though everyone knows Las Vegas, they put a twist on the trip by choosing to have attendees relax on Lake Las Vegas versus being at a casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Cherice says, "We wanted to give attendees a completely different Las Vegas trip that says summer. Although, we are still close enough where you can get a quick casino fix. Our professionals mostly want to relax by the lake and socialize in a festive environment, which is what summer is all about - being outdoors and having fun."

Launched in 2000, BlackNLA is a Los Angeles based lifestyles and event company uniquely designed to market to the African American professionals in Southern California. The company provides a captive audience of African American professionals through a variety of channels - web sites, social networking, newsletter, professional after work networking mixers, conferences, special events, direct mailings, and e-blasts - that allow brands to make an intimate connection resulting in brand loyalty. For more information, visit

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