First built-in gas Rotisserie for home kitchens is now available from La Cornue

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With the Flamberge™ rotisserie, homeowners can conveniently and easily prepare juicy meats, poultry and fish in their own kitchens

The built-in Flamberge rotisserie makes it easy to prepare succulent poultry, meat and fish right at home.

“With rotisserie cooking, the food is self basted with incredible flavor," explains Larissa Taboryski, culinary director at Purcell Murray. "The turkey is like nothing you've ever tasted. And it's so easy for the holidays."

La Cornue, the French artisan firm producing hand-made custom kitchen ranges for more than 100 years, has introduced the first built-in gas rotisserie, the Flamberge, designed for use inside the home.

Now homeowners can enjoy moist and mouth-watering rotisserie meats, poultry and fish easily prepared right in their own kitchens.

Distributed exclusively in North America by Purcell Murray here, the La Cornue Flamberge Rotisserie is UL- approved and requires no special ventilation. Measuring only 32” square and 15” deep, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Thanks to its superior insulation and air circulation, the La Cornue Flamberge Rotisserie can be built into a kitchen wall or cabinet with no problem, saving counter space. The temperature of the surfaces around it never exceeds 151 F. The Flamberge is the only open wall rotisserie approved for built-in use.

Constructed with a concave rear wall of solid cast iron, it is heated by a 27,000 BTU gas burner. Synthetic wicks pull the heat up through the vaulted back of the unit, allowing the radiant heat to gently cook foods as they rotate slowly on a spit over the flame.

As meats, fish or poultry roast, they are basted with their own juices, serving up crisply browned, tender and moist gourmet entrees.

“The flame never touches the food,” explains Larissa Taboryski, culinary director at Purcell Murray. “The wicks pull the flame up and keep the cast iron back very hot, radiating enough heat to cook the food, which is self basted with incredible flavor. Meats brown but there is no charring.”

It requires only a 120-volt electric power supply to turn the three easily adjustable spits. The Flamberge can cook up to three small or two large chickens at once, consistently and reliably. And it can roast a succulent turkey up to 12 pounds.

The Flamberge is ideal not only for chicken, but also for turkey, beef or pork tenderloin, boneless leg of lamb, game hens and sirloin roasts. “The prime rib is amazing and the turkey is like nothing you’ve ever had before,” Taboryski notes. And fish cooks quickly in the basket provided with the unit. Learn more about how the rotisserie works at

Why does the rotisserie deliver such mouth-watering results? Food scientists have recently discovered that initial exposure to high heat bursts open flavor molecules in food, making it taste delicious. “That is what the rotisserie does,” Taboryski notes.

The Flamberge is ideal for entertaining, because it can be very forgiving. “If guests are late, you can slow it down, by another half or three quarters of an hour without food drying out because of the self basting,” Taboryski points out. Either the heat can be turned down, or the easily adjustable spits can be pulled forward.

Taboryski especially likes the Flamberge rotisserie for Thanksgiving and other holiday cooking because it’s easy and foolproof. “Once something is on the Flamberge, you don’t have to monitor or worry about it,” the chef says. So the cook can concentrate on preparing all the sides and enjoying the company of guests.

Clean up is easy, too. The spits and clamps go into the dishwasher, as does the porcelain dish which catches any juices

The Flamberge is available in 27 standard colors and can be accented in a choice of nine trim options. Custom colors are available as well.

About La Cornue
La Cornue, the French artisan producer of exceptional hand-made custom kitchen ranges, was founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, a discerning gourmet who invented the first gas oven built for the home. Many of Albert’s principles of cooking are still used in La Cornue ranges today, and the company is now run by his grandson Xavier Dupuy. La Cornue produces Château custom hand-made ranges, the Flamberge rotisserie, and French-style CorneFé ranges. All of its products are distributed exclusively in North America by Purcell Murray, based in Brisbane, Calif.
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