Sequoia Award Winner Makes Technology Available with National Exclusive Territory

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There are hundreds, even thousands of ways for companies to make and market products. Manufacturers are constantly searching for means to improve quality, acquire higher profits and seek competitive advantages.

In search of better products and improved performance, Sorbilite engineers have developed a totally new system that makes it the world leader in low cost, high quality manufacture of pressure molded products.

For companies desiring to become industry leaders, Sorbilite International proudly offers the ultimate solution: The Sorbilite System in Joint Venture.

Sorbilite International guarantees that the Plastron Development, created by top scientists using the Marshall Plan resources, is fulfilling all the new Centenarian requirements as it was designed and created exactly for this purpose. This system was tested with proof of reliability under conditions where no other survived.

Now National Exclusive Territories are available with plant, technology and all legal protection to start joint-ventures in your country. (Including America) A proof of min. $ 2 m. capital necessary.

The Sorbilite Technology Advantages
Current Conventional Status of Composite Manufacturig:
1. Produce a homogenous base-material with standard mechanical properties preferably in sheet form.
2. Cut sheet to size, machine to required shape,
3. Pre-treat surface and apply surface finish.

Disadvantages of the current technology:

  • To produce a suitable sheet-material (board) you need a plant which is the size of a 3 story building which needs enormous amount of energy, difficult to transport and install.
  • Precision cutting saws and computer-controlled milling machines (CNC) necessary for shaping which requires highly skilled labor.
  • The surface finish procedure ranges from hand painting to complicated plastic coating systems, requiring skill, costs and environmental considerations.

The Sorbilite Composite Forming System:
This new system unites the above 3 steps into a single streamlined operation, reducing the plant-size to a fraction of the conventional. It uses low cost eco-friendly materials locally available and speeds up production time 50-200 fold resulting in enormous savings related to start-up investment, manufacturing and labour costs.

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