Yoli Announces New Athletic Recovery Product, Endorsed by Gold Medalists Carl Lewis and Bryan Clay

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Yoli, Inc., a direct sales company distributing delicious beverages that are filled with nutritional supplements and devoid of sugar, artificial ingredients, and no pasteurization, is announcing an exciting new product. FUN Alkalete Capsules deliver a therapeutic dose of the proprietary “Alkalete” super mineral product designed to assist the body in recovery from athletic events and other strenuous activities. Alkalete also helps the body achieve ideal alkalinity, the new buzz word in health and wellness. Customers are raving about the fast results, and reassured by the product’s eight year track record of complete safety.

Yoli, Inc., a cutting edge nutritional beverages company and the exclusive distributor of the popular lemon-lime FUN Active Blast beverage, recently announced the company’s plans to release FUN Alkalete Capsules immediately as a promotional pre-launch. “FUN Alkalete Capsules give a mega dose of the proprietary Alkalete ingredient. This will be the product that puts Yoli into massive momentum, the results speak for themselves,” said Corey Citron, Yoli’s co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. This decision was prompted after customers of the Yoli FUN Active Blast beverage experienced amazing results in the areas of sports recovery and body alkalization.

Alkalete is formulated by pH Sciences, an eight-year-old Seattle based company dedicated to bringing the extremely important message of body alkalization to the people of the world. Co-founder David Matteson, veteran to the natural foods and nutritional supplement industry, stated recently in an interview, “Yoli’s focus on delivering live, active ingredients into the human body is so aligned with pH Sciences’ mission for improving people’s ability to be active and healthy. It’s a perfect match for us.”

In The News

From Anthony Robbins, to Dr. Oz, and even Oprah, everyone has positive things to say about products that help alkalize the body. Because of our modern diet and lifestyle, most people’s bodies are too acidic, exposing the vast majority of people to degenerative disease and poor health. Yoli is not only dedicated to educating the nation on the benefits of proper pH balance, but they’re offering a specific solution to the problem of high acidity in the body. The answer is Yoli’s exclusive new breakthrough, patented product, Alkalete™. “I’ve been tracking the clinical trials and the double blind placebo controlled studies using this nutritional compound for the last eight years and it has been remarkable, I can’t tell you how excited we are to have a worldwide exclusive on Alkalete,” stated Daren Falter, co-founder and Executive VP of Yoli.

Yoli Attracts World Champion Athletes

Most people know Carl Lewis as the “fastest man in the world” as he was titled after winning eight gold medals. Carl now faithfully uses Yoli products in his own training and shares them with others. Bryan Clay, repeat indoor world champion in the heptathlon and current gold medal holder in the decathlon, is not only using Yoli’s Alkalete and other products, but Yoli’s are the only products he’s using in his training. Recently Bryan was able to gain strength in his events even after losing 15 pounds, which for a decathlete, is ideal.

Whether customers are using Alkalete to help the body deal with athletic recovery, or whether they’re sprinkling the Alkalete granules on their pasta sauce or in their coffee to buffer the acidic properties of these foods, Yoli feels they have a product that will attract top leaders in the direct marketing arena. Yoli’s co-founder and President, Robby Fender, stated, “In just the short time that we have been testing Alkalete with our company founders, executives, employees, and distributors, we have experienced amazing results. This product is an entrepreneur’s dream!”

Yoli products are not available in stores and can only be purchased through a Yoli Independent Distributor.


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