Space Based Solar Energy Introduced at SICES 2010

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Unlimited energy available from the Sun at no cost is making it the perfect choice for Space Based Solar Energy satellite delivery to Earth. It is also clean abundant and sustainable.

Due to increased economic development, unprecedented in human history, energy demands makes it imperative for China and the rest of the world to find strategic solutions to meet this demand, without anthropogenic harm or leaving a poor environmental legacy for future generations.

In collaboration with the Sichuan Provincial Government of China, the International Clean Energy Consortium, the China National Society of Renewable Energy and the European based Space Energy Group convened SICES2010, a high-level international clean energy summit April 13-14 in Chengdu, China. This scientific policy-making forum, through effective use of global collective human intelligence, open debate and discussions, assessed middle-to-long term strategic energy options, such as Space Based Solar Power (SBSP) and other forms of high-tech derived, clean and truly sustainable energy for China and the world.

Space Energy Group A.G.
The Space Energy Group (SE) provides a role model to pioneer innovative fundamental solutions for US and EU economies to reduce their escalating trade deficit with China; assisting the US to go from a total energy dependent nation to the biggest energy exporter through large scale harvesting of solar energy from either terrestrial or space! SE is a global multi-national entrepreneurial space company with key technology operations and big ideas based in the EU, California and the US East coast. The SE Group is actively engaged in exploring innovative ideas and mutual beneficial avenues for collaboration with China and other nations on clean energy development.

During the SICES2010 summit, the SE group conducted formal business talks with the Sichuan officials related to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) following a successful signing of a preliminary MOU with Sichuan last December providing for 15 gig watts of electrical power (in incremental delivery) to China over the next 15 years, starting around the middle of this decade. If successful, this collaboration would allow a net clean energy export to China by SE, which will be worth over 120 billion USD in total revenue to help alleviate the trade imbalance with America’s biggest debtor. To achieve this, SE plans to launch huge solar power satellites into space, collecting massive amounts of solar energy from the sun, and wirelessly sending it to Earth. This SBSP solution promises humanity the real hope of a fundamental clean and sustainable energy source for the next billion years. SBSP could be the game-changing space and energy technology advocated by the US president in his new direction for NASA. What SE and others are striving to accomplish could help balance the trade between the two major economies, allowing both the US and China to get their feet back on solid ground for sustainable development of the world economy.

For space solar power to supply 10% of the world’s energy needs, it may require as many as 75,000 launches of affordable and large capacity reusable launch vehicles - enough for transforming the current combustion world economy into a space-based solar electric world economy. Not surprisingly, the number one problem SE and others face is the cost of launch, and the US President's new space policy for rapid development of affordable space transportation infrastructure is exactly what the SE and the rest of the world need.
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Or contact Mr. Peter Sage; Principle, worldwide marketing & communications of SE Group, or Dr. Feng Hsu, the SICES2010 Conference co-chair and Sr. VP of Systems Engineering & Risk Management, the SE Group (713-513-0423 US)


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