The New Torque Box Could Make the Gearbox Obsolete

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A simple idea brings great improvements to cars, trucks, wind turbines, CVT... High torque and better gas mileage without switching gears.

Many industries could save gas by replacing their gear box with a Torque Box.

Future cars may not have a gearbox. The new Torque Box will improve the gas mileage and give better accelerations without the need to switch gears.

We often neglect simple ideas that could make a difference.

For instance, every year millions of cell phones end up falling in the water. They could be saved. All it takes is to keep the wet phone in the fridge for a day or two. If the fridge can dry-up food it can also dry-up cell phones. The idea is simple and it works.

Unfortunately simple ideas are the most difficult to find. We are still wondering in the 21st century how the Egyptians built the pyramids 4000 years ago. They did not have steel and must have used simple ideas that we still have to rediscover.

In the short term, a simple idea could improve cars and save gas much faster than any new technology. Some cars use a speed variator. They also have a differential like everybody else but the two are kept apart and never meet. Combining them can generate an unlimited torque. It is called the Torque Box. This 'TBox' covers a speed range that goes all the way down to zero without having to switch gears. As the car slows down the torque increases and gives a much better acceleration. One speed does it all. The motor can be kept running at its optimum speed and save gas. The TBox can be applied to trucks, tractors, bulldozers, wind turbines, locomotives, CVT, farm equipment.... Many industries could save gas by replacing their gearbox with a Torque Box.
There are many possibilities to be more efficient and make life easier without waiting for the development of new technologies.

The TBox patent is available for licensing.


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