Florida Firm Offers Innovative Principal Reduction Program To Homeowners

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Effective immediately, Today’s Home Solutions of America is offering a one of a kind principal reduction program to Florida homeowners who are “upside down” in their mortgages.

This is the best option available to a homeowner who wants to keep his home and can afford to make a payment based on the current market value. The homeowner will never lose title or home ownership

Today’s Home Solutions of America has what will undoubtedly become the feel good story of the next few years for many of our nation's home owners.

Consider the current real estate and economic backdrop. The American housing market collapse is of a scope unlike what most homeowners today have ever experienced in their lifetimes. Unemployment has increased in all 50 states year over year and it is still unknown if we have seen the peak. Millions of home owners across the country have found themselves paying on a home mortgage substantially larger then the current value of their homes. Many can no longer continue to make monthly payments and even those that can are walking away from their homes as they envision no possibility of ever achieving positive equity.

While government loan modification programs have been weakly promoted to assist with this national problem, they have been predictably ineffective with few borrowers being approved for permanent modifications. Even those borrowers receiving permanent modifications wonder if they have really benefited considering they may now be committed to 40 more years of payments and the uncertainty of when they will ever build equity again.

The great news is that Today’s Home Solutions of America has a program that is good for borrowers, it is good for mortgage companies, it is good for the economy, and it is good for the nation ... and it actually works. Starting within its own state, Today’s Home Solutions of America is now offering their Principal Reduction Program (PRP) for Florida homeowners whose mortgages are underwater.

What are the benefits to the homeowner?
1. Eliminate all negative equity
2. Reduce principal balance to 90% of current market value
3. Monthly mortgage payment reduced by 25%-50%
4. Gain 10% instant equity

What are the qualifications for this program?
1. Must own a home in Florida.
2. Must be upside down by at least 25%.
3. Must have documented income to cover for the new mortgage at the current market value

How much does it cost?
1. One time fully refundable fee of $1,595 to cover the cost of 3 appraisals, 2 credit reports, 2 title O&E policies, application fee & processing
2. If the company can not reduce the loan principal within 180 days, the one time fee is fully refundable

For further details on the Principal Reduction Program, please visit the company website at http://www.floridaprincipalreduction.com.

“This is the best option available to a homeowner who wants to keep his home and can afford to make a payment based on the current market value. The homeowner will never lose title or home ownership” said Bruce To, co-founder of Today’s Home Solutions of America (http://www.todayhomesolutions.com)

Home Solutions of America plans to offer this program nationwide by the third quarter of this year. For more information about this program, please visit our site at http://www.homesolutionsfund.com.

About Today Home Solutions of America:

Today’s Home Solutions of America is a professional organization offering real estate, mortgage, home solutions, and related services. The expertise of our principal reduction agents allows us to help home owners stay in their homes with a lower mortgage and monthly payment. Our company website also provides a unique and simple process for individuals interested in purchasing homes as a place of residence or for investment. In addition, Todayhomesolutions.com features thousands of short sale homes, foreclosures, bank owned and MLS listings with color photos, descriptive information, and prices.

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Today Home Solutions of America
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