Desert Sequel Explores Relationships, Past Lives, and the Human Spirit

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When Jerry learns his girlfriend is cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, he feels devastated. He returns to the desert to seek sympathy and insights from his friend and spiritual guide, Tom, only to be stunned by Tom’s reaction—everything is perfect and as it should be.

Each event in our lives—even a tragedy—is a blessing and a step on our spiritual path. By exploring our past and even our past lives, we can better understand the pattern of events in our present as illustrated in Dr. Jerry Burgener’s “Return to the Desert” (ISBN 97814502052338, iUniverse 2010).

Both of Dr. Jerry Burgener’s books, “Desert Journey” and its new sequel “Return to the Desert,” are fictional, but largely autobiographical, portrayals of a man’s spiritual journey toward greater understanding about life, its value and purpose. Jerry travels into the desert where he learns lessons from his Native American spiritual guide, Tom. Together, the two men explore what has held Jerry back in life, and also how life, with all its events—joys and tragedies—is always a blessing.

In “Return to the Desert,” Jerry finds he needs a refresher on lessons he previously learned, but also that it is time to build on previous lessons to advance farther in his self-knowledge. Devastated to find his girlfriend has been cheating on him, Jerry seeks sympathy from Tom, not at all expecting Tom’s reaction that the situation is a blessing in disguise because it will provide among other things a new learning experience for Jerry.

That learning experience turns out to reach levels Jerry never imagined. Soon, Jerry finds himself recalling his past lives and discovering how events that happened to him then are triggering his behaviors in his current life, often holding him back from achieving his full potential. Significantly, Tom and Jerry have both known each other in their past lives; they now explore their multiple relationships, including how each has played teacher and student to the other at different times, while at times having to heal wrongs committed in their pasts.

Just as reincarnation denotes a continually evolving learning experience, so the journey never ends for Jerry. “Return to the Desert” enhances the lessons first found in “Desert Journey” with the possibility that more books will follow. Because of its focus on relationships as a means of understanding the self, readers of every background will find benefits in its pages. Beyond simply giving advice and information, the story depicts the characters participating in activities that bring home the lessons to the reader. In the end, “Return to the Desert” offers both healing and a return to a fulfilling life.

About the Author
Dr. Jerry Burgener’s life has been as interesting as it has been varied. He has a Ph.D. in Human Learning and has worked in many venues, including as a Forensic Psychologist. Besides providing treatment, he has trained other people in how best to help those in need. His techniques and approaches have been presented in print by news media and on national television. Dr. Jerry believes his life experiences have been equally as important as his work, including skydiving more than 1,400 times and over 3,000 hours of flying airplanes and helicopters. He continues his adventures and can often be found riding horses deep in the Superstition Mountains.

“Return to the Desert” (ISBN 97814502052338, iUniverse 2010) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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