Fraud and Online Payment Processing: Advice from SolidTrust Pay on Protecting Credit Card Information

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With the apparent global increase in credit card fraud over the past few months, SolidTrust Pay (STPay) has some advice for members seeking to send and receive secure credit card payments online.

Secure Your Payments with SolidTrust Pay

For those wishing make payments with their credit cards, SolidTrust’s Security and Payments departments have a few simple suggestions. STPay staff members have found that one of the most effective ways of catching unauthorized credit card payments is simply to have card holders review their bank and credit card statements regularly for unauthorized charges.

If card holders do see unfamiliar charges, however, they should not immediately submit a chargeback. With the growing number of online payment processing companies in the world, it’s entirely possible that the detail line showing on a credit card statement will reflect the name of the processor or payment gateway and not necessarily of the retailer. If someone sees appear on their credit card statements, STPay suggests calling them – 5 days a week, 9 hours a day – and someone in their Payments department can tell exactly who the charge was credited to. SolidTrustPay suggests that more often than not, customers hear the name of the merchant and immediately remember making the purchase.

Customers should also avoid revealing their credit card information to telemarketers. As noted on the SolidTrust blog at, unless you know and trust the company who is calling, you are opening yourself up for an unethical customer service representative to keep your card details and your private data for their own personal use. If card holders are interested in an offer being made by a caller, STPay suggests visiting the company’s website to see if they are able to make the payment online so that a payment gateway can help keep their information secure.

In fact, using a payment gateway as a go-between can help protect both card holders and merchants. SolidTrust Pay, for example, has staff members dedicated to screening credit card payments for information that would suggest a fraudulent transaction has been processed. They scan for mismatched IP addresses and incorrect billing information to help flag transactions that may be illegitimate, and enlist the help of, a company that specializes in automated telephone verification to help protect both the processor and the customer against credit card fraud.

STPay’s Merchant Support department suggests that using a payment gateway can help reduce a merchant’s risk of unauthorized refunds. SolidTrust Pay has even introduced a Corporate account level which offers chargeback and fraud protection for a nominal fee. When they receive complaints about a purchase, STPay strives to open up communication between the cardholder and merchant prior to issuing any refunds in an effort to operate in the best interests of all parties.

For individual’s who are still concerned about providing personal data to a new and unfamiliar merchant, however, e-wallet services offer a reasonable alternative. With SolidTrust Pay, customers may sign up for and fund their STPay e-wallet account and use the balance to pay online merchants, eliminating the need to hand the merchant any information beyond your account username. Not only that, but the information submitted to SolidTrust Pay is kept secure and encrypted.

It would also seem that payment gateways aren’t the only ones trying to protect card holders from online fraud. The SolidTrust Pay staff have, on countless occasions, seen purchases blocked by banks and credit card administrators. Their understanding is that these transactions may be blocked because they are flagged as being suspicious, especially for individuals who are making online purchases for the first time. If you advise your bank or credit card company ahead of time that you will be making online purchases, however, they should be able prevent those purchases from being blocked in the future.

SolidTrustPay believes that transacting online doesn’t have to be worrisome provided cardholders and merchants are cautious, informed, and diligent about using a payment gateway that provides them with secure credit card processing services. For more information on SolidTrust credit card services, visit .


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