An Impact Book: Probability Theory, Live! -- More than Gambling and Lottery -- it's about Life!

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Everyone wants to win the lottery. Some think it merely as a game of chance; yet to others, it is a rational pattern that can be studied based on the Theory of Probability.

Probability Theory, Live! -- More than Gambling and Lottery -- it's about Life!

Author Ion Saliu made important discoveries about in mathematics and probability theory and reveals them all in his new book through Xlibris, Probability Theory, Live!: More than Gambling and Lottery -- it's about Life.

Probability theory is a branch of mathematics that examines the likelihood of one particular outcome or a group of outcomes for any event. In Probability Theory, Live! author Ion Saliu, who studied political economics in Romania before immigrating to the US, presents a formula in which probability equals n (favorable elements) divided by N (total elements), or p=n/N.

The Theory of Probability describes not only number games but also real-life situations. This book represents the most scholarly, thorough introduction to this theory, but in an easy-to-understand language. Also, the author has written original software that makes the mathematical calculations a lot easier and faster. Life applications of this theory are also emphasized, including the genetic code and the existence of intelligent life in other places in the universe. We, Homo sapiens, are not alone -- with a degree of certainty of 37%.

In the first section of the book, Ion Saliu attempts to explain probability theory in detail. He presents the history and some important concepts, such as numeric sets, standard deviation, and probability of repetition. He discusses the idea of randomness at length, asserting that it is the only method of interaction between elements in the universe.

Of particular interest is his assertion that the past has a significant effect on the present and future. To explain this he uses an example of two men playing a best-of-three backgammon series. After the first match, the player in the lead has a 75% chance of winning the series, while the player who lost the first game has only a 25% chance of winning. He attributes this concept to Blaise Pascal, who is considered the father of probability theory.

Finally, the book contains the most scientific applications of the probability theory to jeux de chance -- games of chance -- including gambling and lottery. After all, theory of probability was born as an analysis of games of chance (beginning with Blaise Pascal in the 17th century).

There is a large audience for this type of subject. The college students and professors will be interested to learn about new discoveries in the field of probability theory. Computer programmers will be interested to learn about new and totally unique software and new methods to write software for very difficult tasks. There will be large number of laypersons, without adequate knowledge of mathematics, who have a strong interest in playing the lotteries or gambling. The everyday people will become smarter, lose less and thus win more.

About the Author
The ultimate free thinker, Ion Saliu had to collide with the rigidity and intolerance of Communism. He fled Romania in 1984 by crossing the border into former Yugoslavia. Ion Saliu was resettled as a refugee to the United States in 1985. Saliu lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He created his Web site, SALIU.COM, in 1997. He discovered and published several theories and software packages in the realm of mathematics, probability theory, combinatorics, statistics, and more.

Probability Theory, Live! * by Ion Saliu
More than Gambling and Lottery -- it's about Life!
Trade Paperback; $22.99; 315 pages; 978-1-4500-3734-1
Trade Hardback; $32.99; 315 pages; 978-1-4500-3735-8
EBook: 978-1-4500-3736-5
Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN): 2010901441

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