World in the Mirror: The Left-Handers' Point of View - International Left-Handers' Day Video Contest Offers $1,000 Prize

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Left-Handers contend with a world that doesn't fit every day, yet they suffer almost entirely in silence. Lefty's San Francisco is sponsoring a contest for short videos showing the world from the left-hander's perspective. The First Prize is $1,000. Winners will be screened on International Left-Handers' Day, August 13.

Would you wear your right shoe on your left foot? You could, but it would really hurt. Every day, left-handers contend with a world that doesn’t fit, yet they suffer almost entirely in silence. Right-handers are stunned when they catch a glimpse of the discrimination lefties endure as a matter or course. Lefty’s San Francisco ( is sponsoring a contest for short videos showing on the left-hander’s perspective. The first prize is $1,000. Winners will be announced and shown on International Left-Handers’ Day, August 13.

Think about it. School desks have the writing table attached on the right. Scissors are designed to cut with the right hand, so lefties often have trouble learning how to cut. Pens smudge when lefties write with them (unless they write in a language reading from right to left). The list of hassles and adaptations plaguing lefties could fill pages of left-handed notebooks – yes, even notebooks are designed for righties. Lefties are often said to be creative and versatile – that’s because they have to be! Once a year, on International Left-Handers’ Day, legions of uncomplaining lefties step out from among their unsuspecting friends and co-workers to celebrate their difference from the right-handed majority.

This year, Lefty's San Francisco wants to boost lefty pride while having terrific fun with a YouTube style video contest about left-handedness. The contest will awarded and shown on Left-Hander’s Day. Open to anyone with a video cell phone or camcorder, the contest asks for videos 3 minutes maximum in length. Videos should explore left-handedness in some compelling or funny way. In addition to the $1,000 first prize, Lefty’s will offer five Honorable Mention awards of $100 each. On Left-Hander’s Day, Lefty’s will host their own Left-Handed Film Festival!

Lefty’s San Francisco is the world’s largest store specializing in left-handed tools, gifts, and other unique products. From necessities (like scissors for every possible lefty need, and left-handed computer mice), to fun and colorful gift items (like the new left-handed boxer shorts, and left-handed boomerangs), Lefty’s has a lively and extensive selection. Find details of the contest, and learn about how left-handers survive on the website: Visit Lefty’s on Pier 39 in San Francisco, or in Downtown Disney, The Marketplace, at the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL, to try out left-handed products in person.

For information about the contest, contact Lucia Howard, Manager of Lefty's Online Store (510 332 3218), or Margaret Majua, CEO of Lefty's (510 332 3218). For questions, contact us at lefty(at)leftyslefthanded(dot)com.

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