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The only place where fans get Paid to listen to music is here. Crazy N Sane Music Distribution Inc is the only place where music Pays the Fans a royalty check of a music artists album sales.

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Have you heard Lars Ulrich's complaining about how he has to get a smaller hot tub because of all the downloading? How about Master P saying that he had to downgrade his gold toilet? Not really trying to push a new sermon on downloading music, but express a real irritation of how music artists like to flaunt their success. Yet they look down at the very people that allowed them to afford that stretch Hummer. Oh why can't there be a way to roll up alongside of them and say “Thank you for the music, and my new Lexus”

Welcome to the the new facet of the music industry world that is Crazy and Insane Music. No, seriously the company is called Crazy N Sane Music. The Crazy N Sane Music Network, along with their affiliate Music Distribution Inc, are the only entities that inherit everyday FANS as the resource to distribute, promote, and sell the music. Regular businesses, fans and the artists themselves integrate in a referral structure that pays out any participants to expand the referral chain. With the constant misuse of download technology for new music and forcing artists to go on 100 city tours, the Crazy n Sane Music Network has Developed a concept to explode upcoming and newer music without dropping a half million dollar budget to do it.

The extra for the businesses that participate is a pay out capability for their services/products at no extra charge to themselves or the customers. It is credited to the network and payed by the network. Your bound to see a Music Distro Inc. rack in a beauty salon as well as churches; libraries as well as music stores; gas stations as well as audio performance retail outlets.

Picture this diagram in the Music Industry. Artist --> Label (Absorbing Artist)---> Studio---> Press--> Distribution--->Stores---> Fans. Thats a lot of stress and hoops just to get music to fans, who of course make the industry. With gut wrenching losses to be taken on to unaccomplished artists, labels have turned only to artists that have a preceding solid following for them to collect. Since everybody wants to be in the industry, and the fans control the industry, the revenue is PAID to the ones that develop the facets of the business. The Crazy N Sane Music Network ingests all these type of Fans as "investors" as well as “promoters', putting them in a position to earn lifetime payout for the album.

See it this way. A fan will hear of a hot song that they tell their friends about and those friends tell their friends and so on. Using that same concept, Crazy N Sane Music opts a extra incentive to refer music. Pay them a album endorsement check for the rest of their lives for     endorsing the music (giving it their approval). If a fan just likes the music, thats fine no pressure or stress. Fans can Endorse the album if they like and listen to them and still receive the lifetime endorsement pay out. However, a fan will tell up to 10 friends of a hot track that they heard, encouraging their referrals to buy the CD. All Crazy N Sane has done is toss gasoline to that fire of viral endowment?

The only costs asked are to endorse the album through Music Distribution Inc, the site where the music can be attained, or one of MDI kiosks. And, of course, revert their actual referrals to buy the album through MDI also. But Crazy N Sane/MDI goes one step further to compensate for that in a enormous way that no other retail can match. Customers and/or fans automatically get tallied 100% of ANY purchase they make reverted right back to them to use towards more purchases. Pretty much like “Buy 2 get 2 free”. They can use towards any product/service in the network. (Towards vacations, advertising, food, novelties, even more music to endorse and make more money)

"Referral after referral. Just passing the word of a good track, freaking grow like grass. Now imagine being paid out a portion of the sales to do the same thing you already do for free!", Says Crazy N Sane Music Network Founder and CEO, Kelly Clark.

Tour the Crazy N Sane System and "Get a Glimpse of how you pick up Music That Pays" at


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