Traders Eleminate Emotional Blocks Leaving Robots Crying in the Dust

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Most people experience fear in different levels when they encounter issues regarding money. In the business of Forex trading, one of the biggest challenges is not just learning the intellectual and technical side of trading but rather most traders find it difficult to deal with their own personal emotional blocks.

“Tapping relaxes your body and your energy system which allows you to think clearly,”

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Even if a Forex trader is able to find a trading method that really works and intellectually understand how to follow that method, most trader are still not able to enter and exit trades profitably because of emotional blocks that create resistance to clear decisions. It is not as simple as seeing whether or not there is an entry signal forming on the charts. The trading process is usually further complicated with other thoughts such as fear of loss, uncertainty about the future of price action, excessive passion or excitement to enter a trade, etc. It’s now possible to get rid of these emotional blocks without drugs or traumatic therapy. With Meridian Tapping, traders can now reprogram their subconscious minds and make trading decisions without fear or anxiety.

“If others are afraid of such things as heights, snakes, flying or public speaking then traders are afraid to make bad trades," said Scott Shubert CEO and founder of Trading Mastermind. "Anxiety grips a trader’s brain until he can't make a clear trading decision such as when to get in or when to get out," he said.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, irrational phobias interfere with the daily life for 10% of American adults including those who are in the Forex trading industry. Meridian Tapping addresses phobias at a deeper level by simply balancing the well-established energy that becomes disrupted by intense emotional reactions.

“Tapping relaxes your body and your energy system which allows you to think clearly,” said EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Master Carol Look. “And I believe that those who are trading online forex need to think clearly every time because people in the trading industry are working directly for money or other people's money,” she said. Carol Look is an international EFT leader in the fields of attracting abundance, pain relief and addictions.

Similar to acupuncture, Meridian Tapping consists of a set of techniques that utilize the body's energy points but without the use of needles. These body points are stimulated by tapping on them with fingertips which eventually neutralizes your body's energy.

In the recent webinar Eliminate Emotional Blocks in Trading with EFT, Ms. Look advised traders that instead of fighting off anxiety, the person needs to accept that he has this anxiety. “Look at your trading screen to make you feel really agitated then measure your anxiety level on a 10-point scale. Then we start tapping lightly on the body points while saying, for example, even though I have all this anxiety about money issues, I choose to accept that I have this problem.”

“Tapping to reduce the fear of entering a trade does not make you jump into trade, it makes you reduce the fear so you can make a clear decision,” the EFT master said.

EFT or Meridian Tapping has been enormously successful in treating phobias, traumas and emotional blocks. It is fast becoming a top treatment choice for psychologists and psychiatrists when working with clients who want to get rid of emotional issues. Said Gary Craig, founder of EFT, “most people with phobias can have an intense reaction just thinking about their feared object or situation. Using EFT calms that reaction and averts any future reactions.”

Meridian Tapping can be used for almost anything, addictions, weight-loss problems, post-traumatic stress and even physical illnesses. Many people all over the world are discovering how tapping can change their lives and now Forex traders can also reap the benefits of the tapping procedure.

“After learning our powerful Forex trading methods, the biggest problem I have seen is that traders still make up reasons in their minds to not enter when there is an entry signal or enter when there is no entry signal. Behind this challenge is always some kind of emotional block. Emotional blocks have been so much harder to master than the mechanics of trading. A lot of traders fear the unknown but with Meridian Tapping, traders in our community can remain calm and confident when facing the unknown,” said Shubert.

Scott Shubert has made a free 8 part video series for traders on how to eliminate emotional blocks using meridian tapping. The videos can be found here:

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