12 Year Old 6th Grader from NY Starts a Worldwide Internet Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

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Asking for his friends and all school age children to speak up and tell the President to listen to the next generation of voters and caretakers of the planet!

Anthony Raimo, a 6th grader at Woodland Hills Montessori School, had been watching the news for over a month wondering what was happening in the Gulf Oil Spill. He watched pictures of the animals being killed and decided to act. After a conversation with his mom on the way to school one morning, Anthony decided to ask his teacher, Andrew McClain, a 6th grade teacher at Woodland Hill Montessori, if he and all his classmates could do something.

Within a few days Anthony, along with the help of his parents, created a website/blog http://kidssavingourplanet.wordpress.com. His classmates began making posters, and a series of YouTube videos were created. Using the social network of Facebook, Anthony set up a community page to interact with friends and family. (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kids-Asking-President-Obama-to-STOP-the-Oil-Spill-in-the-Gulf/127751903908308?ref=mf)

Anthony has started a nationwide campaign on kids raising awareness and having their voices heard. As future voters and caretakers of the planet, they're hoping to bring national notice to their efforts to ask President Obama to please help stop the leak now so the Oceans and wildlife won’t be damaged for generations to come.
Anthony has started an initiative to raise money to donate to companies that are helping to clean up the animals that are affected by the oil and would die otherwise without our help. This 12 year old is an inspiration to other youngsters in his community as he sets aside his baseball mitt and picks up a worthy cause.

About: Kids Saving Our Planet, One Voice at a Time is a national campaign started by Anthony Raimo to bring vision to kids who want to live on a planet that is clean, safe and healthy. To raise awareness of events that causes damage to our environment and to preserve life, our Oceans, animals and wildlife. To give kids like Anthony, a voice in speaking up to those who are in charge now of making decisions that affect our world that they will inherit in years to come. “We are the next generation coming, and we have a right to ask for it to be clean! Safe! And Healthy! Every kid has a voice to add to this vision. Please speak up and add your thoughts on how we can make our voices heard, what we can do to make a difference together, and how we can tell the grownups what we think!” – Anthony Raimo Age 12

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