Summer Six-Pack Ab Secrets: Dermacut Washboards the Competition

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Sales of Oxygenix Research's groundbreaking and already best-selling transdermal fat-cutting product - Dermacut - are heating up, as more men strive for hunky summer bodies.

With the summer month of June looming around the corner, there are countless men who are striving to put those finishing touches on their physique. For those who are seeking to really get toned up in time for the gorgeous swimming weather that lies ahead, many often find difficulty overcoming that last hurdle: Those little remaining pieces of fat around their abs. This easily explains the spike in sales of Oxygenix Research's revolutionary and already best-selling transdermal fat-cutting product - Dermacut. Mostly because it utilizes the power of proven and patented ingredient complexes that are intended to burn excess fats quickly--and because it offers the speedy results that men desire at a price that they can afford to stomach.

Sexy and hunky washboard abs are extremely desirable around this time of year. In the forthcoming June issue of the very popular fashion-themed magazine, Vanity Fair, two well-known and professional soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba, will be sporting their flawless six-pack abs in trendy designer men's swimsuits on the cover.

In their choosing of these two soccer pros, Vanity Fair is cited as stating,

"In America, these men might not enjoy the same name recognition as the stars of the NFL. But for most of the planet, they are more than just showstoppers. They are gods."

(Source: Internet, 2010;

The spokesperson for Dermacut, Katie Westfield, states that sales of their product are always on the rise during the months that precede the summer, as more men look to put those final toning touches on their bodies--all so they can look and feel as masculine and attractive as possible in the trendy swimsuits they plan on wearing.

"There are lots of men out there who are doing everything right to get those desirable washboard abs that they see on the covers of the popular fashion magazines in time for summer," Westfield says. "But sometimes getting rid of the last bit of flab can be tricky. And when they have tried just about every other method, many find themselves harnessing the breakthrough power of Dermacut because it really works, and it shows results fast!

Dermacut is rich in Adiposlim, which has been proven to safely shrink fat cells, allowing them to fit back inside the matrix of the skin so they can be broken down and eliminated.

The product also contains Adipoless, which inhibits the newly shrunken fat cell (from Adiposlim) from expanding back to its previous state, not allowing fat cells to reform as stomach fat.

Dermacut is an easily applied topical cream that can be used one or two times per day, showing phenomenal results when applied prior to working out, when used as directed.

It has been shown to provide noticeable results within the first few months of daily application, when combined with daily exercise and healthy, balanced eating habits.

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About Dermacut:

  •     Developed by Oxygenix Research--a leading cosmeceutical company
  •     Patented formulation penetrates deep into the outer layers of the skin, enhancing mobilization of fat cells while you workout
  •     The scientific approach allows you to get rid of fat that the body won't eliminate on its own
  •     Contains active ingredient Adiposlim--a revolutionary ingredient that has been proven in lab testing to significantly improve the appearance of fat by actually shrinking the fat cells; once Adiposlim has shrunk the fat cell, it can fit back inside the skin matrix system and break down the fat cells
  •     Contains active ingredient Adipoless--a breakthrough and proven complex that inhibits the new, shrunken fat cell from reforming into its old, pointy self; this means that Dermacut will actually help shrink down your fat cells and keep them from reforming back into stomach fat
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Causes no known, adverse side effects
  •     Available over-the-counter
  •     Visit them online to learn more at:

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