Small Business Internet Marketing: Hire The Internet And Put It To Work For You

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http://www.Hiretheinternet.Com Has Released A New Book To Help Business Owners With Their Small Business Internet Marketing And Online Local Marketing And Put The Internet To Use As A Tool For Their Business Without The Jargon, Cost And Complexities That Normally Frustrate The Process.

Hire The Internet For Online Local Marketing

“The Internet can give your business new leads and prospects but only if you use these 10 techniques that have been researched and selected to work for you and your business”, says Tony Hetherington has released a new book to help business owners with their small business internet marketing and online local marketing and put the Internet to use as a tool for their business without the jargon, cost and complexities that normally frustrate the process.

The business world is changing as the traditional advertising methods fade as potential customers are instead actively looking for what they want by searching for it online. This means to succeed a business needs to use the internet to capture new leads.

However, for many this is a major issue. They both lack the technical know how to do it themselves or the funds to pay thousands to a company or consultant. Many have dabbled and are left with a website that does nothing to justify the money that it cost.

“The Internet can give your business new leads and prospects but only if you use these 10 techniques that have been researched and selected to work for you and your business”, says Tony Hetherington author of Hire The Internet: 10 Proven, Simple and Quick Ways To Put The Internet to Work for Your Business.

Hetherington have been researching for solutions for online local marketing for many years. One problem he faced was that people were actually wanting the wrong thing. “If you’ve dabbled at all with small business internet marketing you can quickly get sidetracked by wanting traffic, high page rank and to be on page 1 of Google”, explains Hetherington. “I first found ways to do just that but then made a terrible discovery – that huge numbers of websites just weren’t ready to accept traffic and the work needed to get such a website ready would take so long that the cost would be prohibitive.”

Instead he researched a solution in which you could basically hire the internet as you would any other employee or freelancer and get the results you expect without having to do their work for them! After all, you wouldn’t hire a bookkeeper and then do their maths for them. The same had to be true for the internet.

Hire The Internet is the result of a major rethink that looked beyond the obvious, swept away the jargon and other barriers and presented to business these 10 simple, proven methods to get you what they really want – more sales and leads.

1. Creating a Google Local Listing
2. Keyword Research – finding your customers
3. Creating a Mobile version of Your Website
4. Registering In Directories and Review Sites
5. Setting Up An Auto-Posting Blog
6. Twitter Marketing Made Easy
7. Building and Using a List
8. Press Release Marketing
9. Video Marketing
10. Buying Targeted Leads

“I want to prove to local businesses that the Internet can be put to work for them and so I am even giving away the first method in a free video on the website. If you can fill in a form then you can transform your business with a Google Local Listing as this will literally put you on the (Google) map and at the top of local search results.”

Hire The Internet is so much more than a book as anyone who buys it can also get free access to online resources that include 50 video tutorials, software to make things easier and graphics and templates.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or a zoo keeper, a plumber or a hairdresser as Hire The Internet will work for any business and in any market” claims Hetherington. “You don’t even need an existing website and you don’t need to be technically minded as everything is explained through step-by-step instructions and video tutorials allowing you to put the Internet to work for you while you focus on your business”.

An online version of the book is available for immediate download for just $27 (approx £18) from

Tony Hetherington is a writer, editor, journalist and internet marketer with over 25 years experience. He publishes practical online courses and advises companies and individuals to help them get the most out of their online activities.

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Tony Hetherington is available for interview and comment.

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