Womb Twin Survivors: the Lost Twin in the Dream of the Womb - "Vanishing Twins" Rediscovered in a New Book

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Womb twin survivors are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy, including a "vanishing twin" pregnancy. Until now no one believed that such an early loss could possibly make any difference to the survivor but a new book is about to change all that.

A new book, “Womb Twin Survivors: the Lost Twin in the Dream of the Womb”, describes the psychological effect of losing a twin before birth.

Althea Hayton, author, counsellor and a womb twin survivor herself, has revealed in a new book, to be published by Wren Publications, that when a twin dies in the womb there is a profound psychological effect on the survivor, which can be very distressing even when the loss occurred in the first trimester.

“Womb twin survivors are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy. There is widespread scepticism about the possibility that someone could carry an impression of their life in the womb into adult life,” says Althea, “but my research suggest that this is indeed the case.”

Backed by more than seven years of research involving hundreds of womb twin survivors, this comprehensive book describes a distinct psychological effect on the survivor when a twin does during pregnancy or around birth.

“An average of 1% of births in the world are twin births”, says Althea, "and research in the USA has revealed that for every pair of twins born there are at least 10 singleton babies born whose twin died in the womb. Until recently we could not identify them as individuals but over the last seven years they have come, one by one, to my web site and told me their story."

A wide range of effects have been identified, including a fear of abandonment; a lifelong search for an indefinable Something; a life of self-sabotage and feeling painfully alone among friends. The biological details of twins and twinning, including a "vanishing twin" pregnancy, are clearly explained with diagrams and a pathway to healing is described. Stories written by womb twin survivors from around the world, who contacted Althea via her web site, http://www.wombtwinsurvivors.com, over many years, illustrate each chapter.

This book is timely and much-needed. “Until the advent of ultrasound the loss of a twin in the womb was not fully recognised or acknowledged. People can hardly be expected to pay any heed to the needs of the sole survivors if the lost twins remain hidden from view.” says Althea. “It has taken many years to put this book together and it is badly needed by womb twin survivors and people who come across them and find them hard to understand,”

Aware of the controversy surrounding these ideas, Althea used the term “Dream of the Womb” for good reason. “Scepticism on the subject of pre-birth memory is widespread, so I have been very careful with my terminology. Any womb twin survivor who experiences that nameless, painful yearning for that Something that refuses to be named, will agree with my use of these words. The lost memories of a womb twin do have a dream-like quality.”

There is hope in this book for womb twin survivors in distress: “We are learning how to heal womb twin survivors”, says Althea, who is a womb twin survivor herself. “The womb twin work takes the Dream of the Womb; names it; validates it; puts strong biological evidence behind it, thereby making sense of it; then piece by piece the Dream becomes a reality. With the help of that reality, the constant search for the lost twin eases. In time, the day of true awakening comes and the healing is complete. I have done it and this is how I know.”

To be published as a paperback book by Wren Publications, January 4th, 2011

Review copies available on request.

ISBN 978-0-9557808-2-0 Price £18.99p

Made available by print-on demand via Lightning Source. Order from any bookshop, or via Wren Publications for speedy delivery, free of postage and packing charges, to anywhere in the world. http://www.wrenpublications.co.uk


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