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Controversial new female pop rock artist Chaud, whose beauty is matched only by her musical talent, is debuting her EP "The Black Market Revealed" ( scheduled for release June 25th, 2010. Escaping to the Black Market side of life means not being ashamed of who you really are, and in her debut EP, Chaud digs into this dark side of herself that most people leave unexplored. Until now the Black Market has remained a underground society of secrecy. The time has come to reveal itself.

The Black Market Revealed EP Cover

The Black Market Revealed Available June 25th

“The motto of the black market is ‘through here, away from the suffering city’ because those who have to hide who they really are suffer living hell on Earth.”

She may not look like your typical rock star, but controversial new female artist Chaud will have no problem capturing the attention of music lovers.

Her philosophy is to “live life on the black market” – showing that she is in tune with her darker side.

But how does she define the black market?

“It means to live as who you feel you really are on the inside and never be ashamed of what your past has made you, be it for better or for worse.

“A black market is a place you buy things that are not sanctioned by society. The black market I’ve created and how me and my followers live is going to this dark place filled with like-minded people to fufill your real needs, and to get back that side of yourself that society will not allow you to have.

“The motto of the black market is ‘through here, away from the suffering city’ because those who have to hide who they really are suffer living hell on Earth.”

A Walk In The Dark

In her forthcoming debut EP, The Black Market Revealed, Chaud (pronounced “show-ed”) delves into her darker side. The title track talks about being happy and having everything you want before suddenly switching over to the dark side that you usually keep hidden, and which sparks that mentality of trying to please everyone else first

All her songs share this common black market theme. Time Flies describes living a reckless life filled with all of your ugliest demons, while Fatal Fame is inspired by the recent rash of celebrity deaths – with one tragedy in particular leaving its mark on the singer.

“There have been so many but this song was written when I heard about Michael Jackson. It was so devastating to me. I’ve always been very influenced by him.”

In the Black Market Revealed, Chaud also covers the Jefferson Airplane classic Somebody To Love but gives it a rock twist. “I’ve always loved that song because the lyrics are actually really dark; it goes along with the theme of my songs perfectly.”

Chaud continues her dark theme with her eye-catching logo – a black rose peppered with stitches, complete with a thorny chain for a stem with a single handcuff at the end of it. “For me the rose is such a beautiful, delicate-looking thing that at the same time is easily capable of cutting the skin and making it bleed. It’s not weak just because it’s beautiful.

“And I have to admit I have a sick obsession with stitches!

“I mean, for some reason, I think they’re the most darling things in the world, yet they always suppress a hideous story beneath them. Everyone has scars, mental and physical; they make us who we are and I certainly have my share. As for the chain with the handcuff, it’s a reminder for me to never become attached to living a mundane, commonplace existence just to please everyone else.

“That’s not me. I never want to lose myself.”

Forever Chaud

It’s not just a different mindset that Chaud brings to the music industry – the songs are truly unique.

The exciting fusion of her distinctive voice and a metalist for a producer is exactly what’s missing on the airwaves right now. “I’m bringing a new sound but I’m also bringing new feelings and new ways of thinking.”

This is why she chose the name Chaud. It is French for “hot” but she didn’t choose it because of her looks…

“I chose the name because things that are hot cause a series of sensations that are anything from blissfully enjoyable to violently uncomfortable, and that’s exactly how I feel about myself and my music.

“I’ve always been Chaud inside. It took me a while to realize that it was ok to be me.

“I spent a lot of time trying to fit in and being upset about being rejected. I went through a lot of awkward stages as far as how I looked in my youth and was never really considered the popular girl. I was kind of a nerd and way into theatre and improv. Getting all of my clothes from thrift stores didn’t really help my image either.

“I remember sewing designer labels on to my second-hand clothes, so people would like me more, or I would appear as if I had more money than I really did. At the end of the day I realized I wasted so much time living for everyone but myself.

“So now I always remind myself never to be what I call a cold person because when I think of something cold, I think of something lifeless and dead. So my mantra is to never be cold and remain relentlessy Chaud. Like it or not.”

A Free Spirit

Chaud was born in Texas and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles but she has also been lucky enough to travel the world. She has been singing all her life and recently signed with indie label Sprig Of Acacia Music to go pro and release her EP. “I chose an indie label so I could express myself the way that I want to, I don’t want to be packaged up into something I’m not.”

You’re sure to be hearing a lot more about Chaud in the very near future…

“Oh, I’ll definitely be up there playin’ with the big boys. I’ll never give up because my black market message is already shared and felt by so many people, but it is also needed by even more.”

Chaud's Official Website

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