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There Continues to Be a Great Need for Debt Relief Programs for Both Consumers and Businesses Today as High Unemployment and Economic Uncertainty Drag On; Consumer Advocate Debt Management Services Explains Debt Relief Options Available Today.

There is much interest and need today for debt relief in America. Consumers and businesses find themselves knee deep in debt and struggling to make ends meet. These days, the offers for various debt relief programs are all over the airwaves. Yet making sense of it all can be a real challenge. Debt Management Services explains what the best debt relief options available today are.

Debt consolidation is one of the oldest debt relief programs on the market. Easily and readily available in all 50 U.S. states, this debt relief program simply involves the combining of multiple existing loans payments into one. The reasons for this can be as simple as having only one monthly debt payment to manage, or it could be to obtain a lower interest rate, a fixed interest rate, and/or the waiving of late fees and penalties. Debt consolidation can often be arranged with the help of a consumer credit counselor.

Debt consolidation loans go further than debt consolidation by actually taking out a new loan to pay off existing loans. This debt consolidation loan often comes in the form of a home equity loan. Consumers need to be cautious and well-informed when it comes to debt consolidation loans, however. Home equity loans are very often used to pay off credit card debt. This credit card debt is unsecured debt. With home equity loans, what actually occurs is the exchanging of unsecured debt for secured debt (a mortgage).

Debt settlement is one of the newest debt relief programs. This debt relief program is also known as debt negotiation and debt arbitration. Debt settlement is an aggressive program aimed at eliminating large amounts of credit card debt through negotiation, thus allowing a fast track repayment of the remaining debt. Debt settlement works for unsecured debt such as credit card debt and medical bills, and in most cases can eliminate up to 50% of this unsecured debt.

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