Ivara Corporation Announces Release of Ivara EXP Enterprise Modules

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Modular Approach Provides More Options and Flexibility to Improve Asset Performance and Realize Value Quickly

“EXP Modules offer new Ivara customers a lower-priced entry point with the ability to leverage the improvements they have already made.” --Paul Marshall, CEO, Ivara

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Ivara Corporation, an industry leader and innovator in asset performance management solutions, today, announced the release of Ivara® EXP Enterprise Modules, offering customers the option to start with the specific features that will provide the greatest benefit in the shortest timeframe possible.

Ivara EXP is an enterprise system that enables a proactive asset performance management process. EXP delivers results by formally documenting and deploying a reliability strategy, creating and rapidly implementing living reliability programs. EXP transforms diverse sources of asset condition data into a single, real-time view of overall asset health to make fast and accurate maintenance decisions. EXP improves plant organizational productivity and extends asset life so you get more from existing assets.

“Modularizing the EXP Enterprise Solution is another significant milestone in the evolution of our product strategy and demonstrates our flexibility as a company,” says Paul Marshall, CEO, Ivara Corporation. “EXP Modules offer new Ivara customers a lower-priced entry point with the ability to leverage the improvements they have already made.”

The EXP Enterprise Solution includes all of the EXP modules in an integrated platform so customers achieve the fastest payback on investment while enabling their asset care team to sustain the changes made and continuously improve the program in the long term. To start quickly in a specific area of focus, the Ivara EXP Enterprise Modular approach provides the most flexibility. The EXP Enterprise modules include:

Reliability Strategy Development Module – Start here to launch your roadmap to operational excellence. Determine the right strategy to apply to your assets by defining the criticality and relative risk to your business (safety, environmental operating and commercial) of system and component failure. Develop action plans using the leading Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methodology, ‘RCM2’ and get quick results with Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) to determine failure modes, effects and criticality. Store your results in failure mode libraries at the enterprise or site level to quickly leverage action plans across like equipment using our extensive templating capabilities. Use our ‘Smart Copy’ and ‘Mass Update’ functionality to further increase your time to value and manage your action plan data dynamically across complex structures and systems.

Implementation & Performance Management Module – Start with this core EXP module to instill and drive/monitor the asset performance management process. Use handheld data collectors to standardize asset condition indicator recordings from the human senses. Collect, consolidate data into one centralized view of asset health and automate the processing of condition data from all sources. With this module, you will detect the onset of equipment failure early so you can make timely and informed proactive maintenance decisions before equipment functionally fails. Features include asset hierarchy, current practices review, descriptive and numeric indicators, indicator templates, standard tasks and jobs, asset health indicator panel, alarm monitoring and management, failure tracking (full, partial and potential), and downtime tracking. In addition, this module includes the following 2 mobile applications:

•Ivara Remote –Mobile front-end to SAP PM, IBM Maximo, or any other EAM to proactively manage the performance and reliability of assets with access to the information needed to make informed asset care decisions. Ivara Remote empowers remote users with critical reliability and maintenance software tools on a platform that is disconnected from the main Ivara system. Ivara Remote provides a user friendly interface and functionality on a Tablet PC Platform including a fully functional Ivara framework with full security and definability. Features include downloading assets and their reliability programs, conducting inspections, and creating work requests and work orders. Eliminates time wasted during PM and troubleshooting work when maintenance technicians need to stop a job to search for a desktop terminal to look up the history for the asset they are working on. A simple synchronization process uploads transactions and downloads new data from the main Ivara system.

•Ivara Mobile – A handheld wireless device that enables an organization to more efficiently deploy its resources and make the full transition into a digital maintenance and reliability program. Instead of printing out work orders or inspection routes, Technicians are assigned to an Ivara Handheld device. You can use Ivara Handheld devices to collect indicator readings and then upload the data into Ivara which is then synchronized with your EAM/CMMS system. This saves time by directly collecting information and eliminating the interpretation and entering of data from a paper checksheet into your EAM/CMMS and Reliability Management System.

Advanced Performance Indicator Module – Calculated and rule based indicators eliminate repetitive manual calculations and resource-intensive trend analysis. The advanced performance indicator module provides the tools necessary to determine asset health based on multiple data points collected electronically, from online sources and equipment specification data. Calculations such as equipment efficiency, mechanical wear rates, corrosion rates, or complex health indices are all possible with this functionality. Also, includes a library of leading and lagging Key Performance Indicators (KPI) or define your own to meet your business needs. Provides graphical dashboards, analyses and reporting capabilities to support a proactive asset performance management process tailored to the operating environment.

Online Data Collection (ODC) Module –Collect and analyze data from any combination of online control systems and sensors, data historians, predictive technologies, OPC standard data sources, external ODBC databases or MS Excel. With ODC, monitor areas that are difficult or inconvenient to access and in some cases inaccessible to personnel. Monitor information vital to efficient operation and quality; speed, temperature, pressure and other key parameters can be automatically monitored and compared to alert Operations and Maintenance when outside of desired standards. Ivara ODC will collect, consolidate and analyze condition indicators from automated online sources of data, to make timely and informed maintenance decisions.

Analysis & Optimization Modules – Start with these modules or add on later to analyze historical data and optimize current programs; or investigate and prevent specific recurring failure incidents. Ivara has partnered with Isograph, the leading reliability analysis software solution provider, and Apollo, the leading root cause analysis solution provider.
•Use EXP Isograph® Availability Workbench to release valuable data from EPR systems to continuously improve a living reliability program. Isograph combines maintenance plan optimization, availability simulation (Reliability Block Diagraming), failure data (Weibull) analysis and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) products into a single unit.
•Use Apollo RealityCharting® to facilitate and capture relevant information in a consistent manner to get to the root cause of failures.

Work Management Integration Modules –
Ivara EXP is an essential front-end integrated to your EAM/CMMMS for asset strategy, consolidation and
analysis of data from multiple sources, CBM analytics and Work Order triggers. In addition, when integrated to your EAM, EXP provides back-end analytics for continuous improvement of asset intelligence and relative EAM strategy. Ivara EXP Enterprise helps organizations maximize their
investment in their EAM solution by enabling a proactive approach to equipment performance management. Includes:

  •     EXP/SAP Certified Integration
  •     EXP/IBM Maximo® Certified Integration
  •     EXP Integration Manager – A powerful framework to integrate to any EAM system or any relevant external system. With a flexible architecture and separate transport layer, it is easy to integrate with Ivara EXP. Ivara’s robust design keeps integration active even if one system is down. It’s easy to define the objects and attributes to be integrated and it’s easy to include custom fields. Functionality can be extended with external code at key points of execution.

The EXP Enterprise Modules are available immediately. For information, visit http://www.ivara.com.

About Ivara
Ivara is the leader in asset performance management software and consulting services to instill a proactive process for Maintenance and Operations to care for their production equipment. Ivara® EXP Enterprise prevents industrial equipment failure, increases production and lowers costs for better business performance. EXP transforms data into real-time intelligence enabling plant management to make fast and accurate business decisions. Customers worldwide, representing a cross section of asset intensive industries, realize the benefits of EXP every day. For more information about Ivara, visit http://www.ivara.com.

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