Craig Capri Writes Goliath’s Shadow: Christian Science Fiction

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Craig Capri writes Goliath’s Shadow, a Christian sci-fi novel in which an obviously advanced race of aliens from deep space believe in a Creator God. While that is hard for Earth’s agnostic premiers to swallow, the biggest surprise is that the aliens’ faith is Christianity, and they’ve come to warn of impending doom.

Holy Fire Publishing ( releases Goliath’s Shadow (Paperback, U.S. $16.95, ISBN: 978-1-60383-320-2). Craig Capri’s writing presents God as God over all creation, including the planets and creatures of Science fiction.

In the year 2071, Earth is governed by 12 regional premiers who enforce strict separation of state and religion: only agnostic policies are fostered. However, the world’s agnostic system is threatened when it receives its first “official” visit from extraterrestrials. The visitors, who look identical to humans—no tentacles, antennae, green skin or any other clichéd features--arrive with warnings of a dire threat to the planet. Even more amazing to the premiers, at least, is another bombshell they drop: As obviously advanced as these creatures are who travel in deep space, they speak of faith in a Creator God. While that is hard for the agnostic premiers to swallow, the biggest surprise is that the aliens’ faith is Christianity. The alien visitors must convince Earth’s leaders to take on faith their warnings of an ancient foe heading towards earth. The premiers must put aside their mistrust, as this enemy has just one agenda: Earth’s total and complete annihilation. But how do they turn a lifetime of thinking completely around? And if they denied God all their lives, why should He help them now? There isn't a lot of time for second guessing as time might just be running out for planet Earth. These events require a lot of soul searching for the premiers and population, who no longer have the luxury of pandering to their own egos. Every man, woman and child on Earth must decide: Do they believe the extraterrestrials warnings, or are the visitors the actual threat?

“The sandy haired, blue eyed Commander Tom Stead stood just over 1.9m tall, was muscular and very imposing without the uniform. In it, few people would dare to push their luck. It was fortunate, then, for those around him, Tom wasn’t a bully. He was a bit of a rarity in the force. Lax controls had made it too easy to abuse power, but his upbringing made it foreign to his nature. He was raised in a Christian home, his parents instilling a strong moral ethic based on those beliefs. He no longer really knew what he believed, his agnostic professors had seen to that, but his character was rock solid. The temptation to abuse his not inconsiderable authority and power was there, but it didn’t appeal to him. He just plain wouldn’t and that’s why Dania’s ploy failed to do anything but hurt him.”—excerpt, Goliath’s Shadow

“I have always enjoyed sci-fi as a genre. The thing that has always troubled, and sometimes irked, me is the almost nonexistent place God has occupied in the genre. If God is mentioned at all, He is relegated to mythical, or uncaring, or powerless, or dead. Never is He placed right where He deserves to be. If God is the God of all creation, then He is the God of all creation. He is a consistent God. He does not change his own rules from one planet to another. Therefore his creation will be consistent as well. I have tried to show this consistency in my story.”—Craig Capri

Craig Capri and Gail, his wife of 32 years, have a son Shawn, a daughter Shannon, and a daughter-in-law, Rebecca. Craig and his wife enjoy traveling, and he uses some of their travels as locations in his novels. They live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Holy Fire Publishing (, publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.


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