Jo Ann Felton Carter Writes Abandoned No More: Christian Fiction

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Christian fiction author, women’s ministries teacher and counselor, Jo Ann Felton Carter writes Abandoned No More, in which a young elementary school teacher, Mary Ann Thompson, discovers that loss is a part of life and, if not properly dealt with, bitterness threatens even her relationship with Almighty God.

Holy Fire Publishing ( releases Abandoned No More (Paperback, U.S. $14.99, ISBN: 978-1-60383-324-0). Jo Ann F. Carter’s character Mat discovers, along with readers, “that life is like a puzzle, each vital piece selected by God completes her beautiful image, even the dark colored pieces.”    

Jo Ann’s Christian fiction, Abandoned No More, follows Mat (Mary Ann Thompson), a 22-year-old elementary school teacher, who embarks on the most intense five days of her life when she meets Mr. Timothy Johns at a singles ministry at church near Mobile, Al., where they have both relocated. While fighting her attraction to him, in sometimes comical ways, memories from a childhood of loss and abandonment surface: never having known her parents Mat is reared by a single grandmother who dies when she is 15. Pregnant by her boyfriend, and then torn away from him when the State sends her to Alabama to live with a distant cousin, Mat discovers that holding onto bitterness threatens her future. Readers will laugh and cry with Mat as she grapples with her past and receives healing, and in the process, learn that they, too, can receive healing and the assurance that the Lord’s plan for them is for good, not evil.

“Having a parent absent at a young age can initiate feelings of not being wanted, forsaken or deserted. Anyone who has experienced being left or deserted by a parent or care giver in their youth, without a substitute, has experienced lack in their development. Think of it as a toddler who never crawls, but just starts to walk. The parents brag on the child’s ability. However, later the child develops a learning disability, simply because when crawling, a certain area in the brain is stimulated, and later that part stimulated will aid in the child’s learning…and how the effect shows up later in life. Because the child in Abandoned No More lacked a crucial, healthy link in her childhood development, she grows up with an inaccurate analysis of parenting her children. Until an emotional healing is received, all future descendants in her family will transfer the same reasoning and decision making [that is] broken and tattered, and the result of what is being built will be broken and tattered. In Mat, we see how the girl deposited distrust, independence and a distorted picture of love into her unborn child….When circumstances or death leaves a void, the enemy uses the void as a means to distort and deceive. Abandonment breeds distrust, specifically towards persons of authority, and becomes the source for constant need of approval from others. Healing must take place before a healthy and trusting relationship with man and with God can occur.”—Excerpt, Abandoned No More

“Loss is a part of life and, if not properly understood, can damage us in all types of relationships…Abandoned No More touches on the fact that abandonment issues can hinder the relationship one may have with the Almighty God… [W]e must be healed of feeling abandoned when we need to trust God, which is our ultimate relationship! Trust in the Lord. Know that He was not taken by surprise when you experienced abandonment. He knew exactly what was needed to shape you into that wonderful person you are.”—Jo Ann Felton Carter        

Jo Ann Felton Carter has over 20 years experience speaking and teaching at women’s conferences, various ministries, and counseling young women. Since 2008, she has also volunteered her time in the publications department at her church. She and Larry, her husband of 43 years, have three children. Website:

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