Businesses Use Online Coupon Codes to Court Penny Pinching Customers

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While consumers look to the internet to help them save money during today's economic climate, more and more businesses are releasing coupon codes and discounts in an attempt to attract online shoppers.

Online coupons are becoming more and more popular... this trend is making Sunday paper clip-a-thons all but obsolete.

"Coupons are making a comeback because consumers are beginning to realize that they can save on every day items. Today's economic climate has forced them to do that," says Ryan Torbit of As consumers continue to cling to every penny possible in today's economic climate, there has been a renaissance in clipping coupons to save on every day items. Retail companies and nationwide chains have seen a dramatic rise in the number of coupons used, and they are cashing in on the trend.

In 2010, however, consumers no longer need to wait for coupons to come in the mail, because more and more retailers now post their discount codes and coupons publicly online. As more consumers look to the web to save money, online and offline businesses alike are courting penny pinching customers by releasing online coupon codes.

Torbit says that online coupons are becoming more and more popular not just for online shoppers, but for local stores, as well. Major retailers often provide discounts and vouchers for online shoppers, but it is becoming increasingly common for retailers to provide online coupons that can be downloaded and used in person. This trend is making Sunday paper clip-a-thons all but obsolete. "Local businesses are realizing the importance of courting penny-pinching customers. Posting public coupons online is one way to do that," says Torbit, and that's why he feels that online coupons have become so prominent.

Shoppers looking to save some cash can find plenty of discount codes and coupons from many major retailers simply by searching on Google, and some websites now compile data from hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different retailers to provide current discount codes and coupons.

More and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon, as well. International chains, localized companies, and niche stores alike are courting online coupon clippers; shoppers worldwide can find discounts on books by searching for online coupons from Borders, while paintball enthusiasts in the UK can find discounts from Nationwide Paintball coupons.

Some businesses are also providing exclusive discount codes to encourage customers to shop online instead of using their local store. This is especially true for cell phone companies and major retailers that use local shops for distribution; when an order is placed online, no commissions need to be paid to salespeople, allowing the savings to be passed onto the online shopper.

To find a discount for your next online shopping spree, search online for coupons from the sites that you frequent, or visit coupon websites for a complete list. If you still come up empty, ask your retailer to tell you about their online discounts; many will point you toward specials that are often overlooked by other hurried, less observant shoppers.


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