Ace Water Purification: High-Tech Water Solutions; Old-School Customer Service

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For over 35 years, Ace Water Purification has been Texas’ go-to water authority. With the addition of an online shopping cart to the company’s web site, Texans everywhere will now have 24/7 access to a full line of problem-solving products and services.

When it comes to water, George Palmer has seen it all: Palmer, the president and owner of Ace Water Purification, has over 35 years of experience solving all sorts of water-related problems, from hard water and water purification to the telltale, rotten-egg smell of hydrogen sulfide. Many of Palmer’s clients turn to him after they’ve tried other water companies or “as-seen-on-TV” DIY kits. By the time they call Ace Water Purification, Palmer says, they’ve almost given up hope.

“I had a couple call me late one night from College Station. The lady was in tears. There was so much iron and rust in her water that she couldn’t do things most of us take for granted. She couldn’t do laundry. Her dishwasher and her shower walls were all orange,” Palmer says.

After analyzing a sample of the couple’s water (Ace Water Purification offers complimentary, independent water sample testing before making a recommendation), Palmer installed a new specialty iron removal/water softening system, and the problem was gone. No more orange water.

Virtual Shopping. Real Solutions.

Palmer says he’s seen an increase in business since his company added online shopping options to its web site, but he’s also seen an increase in phone calls from customers who aren’t sure which product they need. And, Palmer says, that’s fine by him.

“Sometimes people don’t want to dig around on a web site,” Palmer says. “They want to find out if it’s a real company or a real person. I can always direct them to product they need, even if I’m across town or across the state. After 35 years of doing business in Texas, I know all of the companies who sell these parts. Customers can buy through me, and ship the product to their home business. They can install themselves or I can arrange for installation. I can find someone local to do installation for them.”

This arrangement is proving to be ideal for Texans living in rural areas or out-of-the-way ranches or farms. But Palmer does a fair share of business inside the city limits, too, helping homeowners in neighborhoods like Houston’s River Oaks make the most of their pricy plumbing fixtures.

“I always tell people that they should protect their largest investment – their homes. And that includes protecting your plumbing appliances. Water purification can preserve expensive water fixtures and protect tankless hot water heaters,” says Palmer. Plus, he adds, everything’s just cleaner.

“I’ll have clients who tell me they don’t have to use skin cream anymore,” Palmer says. “They’ll tell me that, instead of using a cup of laundry detergent to do laundry, they use a quarter of a cup. If everyone knew more about these types of water systems and the benefits of them, everybody would have them.”

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As you’d expect, after over three decades working in Texas, Palmer has a few stories to tell. One of his favorites involves a very proper Southern lady and some very flammable tap water.

“A few years ago, during the holiday season, I went out to visit a woman, a socialite, who lived on an old plantation in East Columbia, in Brazoria County,” Palmer says. “Her kids were all grown up and, as a Christmas gift, they wanted to get her water fixed, she had old pipes and there was iron in her water. When I got there, she said, ‘let me explain to you about our water.’ I followed her into the kitchen and she turned on the faucet. Then, she lit a match. The water lit up and stayed lit. She said, ‘you can take the bacteria and iron out of my water, but you can’t take the methane gas out [methane gas, while a bit frightening to see in action, is somewhat harmless in tap water]. It’s a talking point for me when guests come over. I like lighting the water on fire for the city folk.”

About Ace Water Purification

Ace Water Purification president George Palmer has over 35 years’ experience in water purification. He has worked with clients all over Texas, from oil refineries and hospitals to farmhouses and private homes. For more information about Ace Water Purification, to check out the new online shopping cart, or to request a free water test please call 713-882-5680 or visit


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