2010 Tour de Pizza June 4th - July 4th Inventor of All Pizza Diet Plans 1,300 Mile,3o Day Bicycle Ride to Promote Nutritional Benefits of Eating Only Pizza

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Tour De Pizza and Click To Go Online Ordering (R) Working Together to Reduce America's Waistline. Unprecedented bike ride visiting 22 cities and hundreds of pizza restaurants.

Ultimately, I want the Tour De Pizza 30 day promotional tour to change the image of pizza from a 'junk' food to a 'health' food worldwide.

Matt McClellan, creator of the 30 Day Pizza Diet is embarking on a historic 22 city, 1,300 mile bike tour to promote pizza as a healthy meal. McClellan, 33, hopes to inspire Americans to make a healthy lifestyle change: "Ultimately, I want the Tour De Pizza 30 day promotional tour to change the image of pizza from a 'junk' food to a 'health' food worldwide."

With support from Click to Go Online Ordering (R) (clicktogo.com), Matt's wish is to become the official "Pizza Industry Spokesperson."

The ride will take him approximately 30 days. He will ride by day and eat pizza at night.

Matt plans to stop by pizza establishments (over 100 total) in a myriad of cities on the East Coast, including Orlando, FL, Raleigh, NC, Washington D.C., and, of course, McClellanville, SC. The arduous journey will end in New York City's Time Square, where he will relish the final slice of his unprecedented month long journey. The 6 foot, 2 inch 179 lb owner of a pizzeria also called Tour De Pizza relates that his nutritional intake will consist entirely and utterly of fluids and pizza. That's right, nothing but pizza. Matt estimates he will eat 1 slice of pizza every 3 hours - each and every day.

Matt says he is not an avid cyclist, nor is he really a focused athlete: "I'm just a business owner trying to promote a simple and healthy lifestyle to Americans and change their perception of pizza - that's all.......... fortunately, I also love pizza."

Recently, he has already hit the media spotlight (Fox News, NBC and the St. Petersburg Times) for losing 25 pounds implementing his invention: The Pizza Diet. According to Matt: "Pizza, compared to any other fast food, is the healthiest out there! It's all about controlling the amount you eat and the specific toppings you choose. Naturally, it's important to also include exercise in your daily regiment."

Joining Matt on his bike ride - for at least part of his journey - will be United States Triathalon Association (USTA) World Team Member Edward Slominski. Slominski is the President of FrontStream Payments' Diversified Solutions branch. He is an avid cyclist and decorated triathlete and recently competed in the USTA World Championship in Lorient, France. His weekly regiment includes running a credit card processing company, jogging, swimming, and bike riding over 150 miles.

Like Matt McClellan, Slominski also has a vested interest in the pizza and restaurant industry. He is the innovator behind Swipe N Go (R) credit card processing, which enables Quick Service restaurants and franchises to process transactions with "no signature required".

Another one of Slominski's programs is Click to Go Online Ordering (R)
(A division of FrontStream Payments). Click to Go (R) (clicktogo.com) provides restaurants throughout America with a state of the art, easy to use online ordering program.

Slominski says: "After reading Matt's fascinating pizza diet story in PMQ Magazine, I really connected with Matt's vision of a healthier America. Hopefully our riding together will inspire people to make a healthy lifestyle change and help reduce this nation's growing waistlines."

Edward contacted Matt via Facebook and after a few wall posts a tie-in began to manifest itself: Ed suggested becoming one of the Tour de Pizza sponsors and also providing Matt with a state of the art and safe touring helmet featuring the Click to Go logo. Conversely, Matt decided to begin using Click to Go (R) and Swipe N' Go (R) for his pizzeria because it will help him streamline his business.

Michael Thomas Kirner, Marketing Director for Click to Go (R) and FrontStream Payment's Diversified Solutions branch thinks the tie - in between exercise, nutrition and improving the health of a restaurant's bottom line is perfect for the times. "I sense this cross promotion will undoubtedly generate palpable industry buzz and make the Tour de Pizza a popular annual event. Make sure to follow it on Social Media, and order a pizza online while you're at it."

To read more specifics about the health benefits of the Pizza Diet and Matt's historic bike ride, visit tourdepizza.com. Information on online ordering for your restaurant or franchise can be found at clicktogo.com.

You can also follow the Tour de Pizza on Facebook and Twitter.


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