New SportConnexin Provides Endurance Athletes with Pure Electrolytes for Optimal Performance and Faster Recovery

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New SportConnexin Provides Endurance Athletes with Pure Electrolytes for Optimal Performance and Faster Recovery Restoring pH Balance is the Key: SportConnexin Replenishes Essential Minerals Athletes Sweat Out Each Hour of Exertion .

With strong support already among endurance runners, cyclists, and triathletes as well as sports medicine doctors and coaches, HealthConnexin, Inc. is launching SportConnexin pure electrolyte capsules. SportConnexin is the newest product in the Molecular Fitness Health and Performance Program, and it compliments their flagship daily nutritional supplements, MineralConnexin™ and MultiConnexin™.

The key to how SportConnexin helps athletes improve endurance, speed muscle recovery and reduce cramping is restoring the body’s pH balance during training and competition. SportConnexinÔ was scientifically developed to replenish the essential minerals/electrolytes endurance athletes sweat out each hour of exercise and help maintain proper pH balance (7.0-7.5) to neutralize metabolic acids and improve performance and recovery. Without sugar, sweeteners, caffeine or artificial additives, these highly bio-available minerals may also help prevent serious conditions including bone demineralization and heart irregularities that may occur with intense training and competition.

According to Stephen Black, Ph.D., PT, triathlete and coach with 30+ years experience in science, rehabilitation and endurance sports “competitive athletes need to be particularly concerned with maintaining healthy pH levels because they place themselves under physical and dietary stresses that can lead to performance and health compromising pH imbalances. I use and recommend Molecular Fitness products as they are proven in research, field-testing and have improved the health and performance of my athletes and myself.”

Initial feedback has been excellent. Ultra marathon runner and winner of the 2009 100K World Cup, Kami Semick has been testing SportConnexin over the last year and says:“The biggest advantage SportConnexin has over other electrolyte replacement products is that it is formulated to match exactly what I sweat out. I take 3 capsules like clockwork every hour, regardless of conditions. I don't get the "burn" and fatigue in my muscles that I used to get. I've never had a problem with cramps while on the product and I feel like my muscles are getting what they need in order have smooth contractions, which makes all the difference when running the distances that I run.”

SportConnexin is now available online at and through participating healthcare providers. Learn more about SportConnexin and Molecular Fitness online or call 800-646-1022 x10.


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