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Love My Pets GPS LLC Announces the launch of one of the Smallest Pet GPS Dog Collars Available. Recently chosen by a Florida Special Forces K9 Unit due to is superior functioning and small size. The small Pet GPS Units provide superior tracking ability when compared to many other models currently on the market.

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Never has the ability to track your beloved pet been so easy and affordable. The Love My Pets GPS Dog Collars are the lowest priced on the market yet provide superior real-time tracking.

The Love My Pets GPS Pet Safety Collars are very different from many microchip pet recovery systems. The Love my Pets GPS system puts control back in the pet owner’s hands. With a microchip, pet owners must wait for someone to find their pet and hope that person will take the animal to a facility that may or may not have the correct type of scanner to determine identification. After the animal is scanned, the facility then contacts the registration service provider, and the service provider then matches the information with the pet owner’s information and finally contacts the pet owner. But with the LoveMyPetsGPS Pet Safety Collar, the pet owner can be proactive and is able to immediately locate and track the pet as soon as they realize the pet is lost.

The GPS Dog Collar system has added safety features to help protect your pet. Since a large number of pets are struck by vehicles at night, the product is banded with a high-quality glow-in-the-dark and reflective material so that pets can be seen easily by passing motorists. Even more, the product also features one of the highest reflective qualities on the market—another way to ensure your pet is clearly seen during nighttime hours. The system is a true recipe for safety for your pet.

"LoveMyPetsGPS safety collar, harness and leash presents a high-quality-glow-in-the-dark material that is non toxic and non radioactive", reports LoveMyPetsGPS managing member Mike Macatee. "The glow pigments last more than 12 hours, then recharge in the daylight, so no bulbs or batteries are needed. The collar is expertly engineered with one of the highest reflective values on the market. The polyester webbing contains superior UV-resistance and stretches less than nylon. When wet, the collar also dries fast and maintains a consistent fit for your pet’s comfort. A welded D-ring adds strength on the leash clip and acetal hardware keeps the product light and strong. All collars, harnesses and leashes are fray and fade-resistant that wash well, wear well and won’t fade out", adds Macatee.

Unlike most GPS pet trackers, the Love My Pet GPS Pet Safety Collar and GPS Unit are unobtrusive and small in comparison. The GPS unit is non-invasive and will not hurt your pet. Also, the glow-in-the-dark and reflective dog collar is made of materials are non-toxic and non-radioactive.

The system uses an advanced technology that employs both GPS and cellular tower signals to determine location. When the system cannot access GPS signals, it switches to cellular signals and triangulates from cellular towers to determine the location of your pet. Indoor tracking information may be less specific and the address information broader than that received when tracking via GPS signals. The system does not require a line of sight to the sky—your pet will be located inside most areas with adequate cellular coverage.

The Love My Pets GPS Pet Safety Collars and Harnesses require very little configuration straight out of the box, and is extremely simple to use. Once the transmitter and receiver acquire a GPS signal, the pet owner can log on to a website and view a map and current pet location in real time.

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