Threading: Mini Facelift for Pocket Change

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With a flick of a wrist, the threading artist at Michelle’s Hair Salon & Spa in Westlake Village subdues wayward fuzz and bushy brows, giving clients refined arches like those of Hollywood’s A-listers. ‘Shapely eyebrows are a fashion must in today’s culture,’ she says. ‘Celebrities set the mark, and consumers follow their lead.’

Everything old is new again, pundits and historians say. Beauty stylists would agree. Retro looks routinely surface with a new millennium vibe – deconstructed curls, winged eyeliner with electric shadows and peachy lips that channel glam girls from the 1940s, for instance.

Even standard hair removal methods like tweezing and waxing are making room for the reemergence of threading, an ancient grooming technique with roots in Middle and Far Eastern cultures. Eyebrow threading is quick, relatively painless and delivers clean-line eye-framing results, say its advocates.

“A good frame showcases a beautiful painting, and correctly shaped eyebrows do the same thing for the face,” says Michelle Shap, master stylist and owner of Michelle’s Hair Salon & Spa in Ventura County’s Westlake Village. “The expression is lifted, and people respond to that.”

Shap, who has more than 25 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, recently hosted a television film crew at her studio during the shooting of a clip for an episode of TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras. She helped 6-year-old Laura, a pretty pageant contestant, tidy her full brows.

“Shapely eyebrows are a fashion must in today’s culture,” said Shap. “Celebrities set the mark, and consumers follow their lead. If you look at beauties like Rihanna and Megan Fox, their eyes just draw you in. That’s because their stylists have helped them frame their faces with good hair and knockout eyebrows.”

While tweezing, waxing and laser hair removal are effective, eyebrow threading is gaining popularity because it’s easy, economical, all-natural and offers pleasing results. A standard session costs about $10-$30, depending on locale and demand.

A threading artist uses a loop of cotton thread with several twists in the middle, which she sweeps along the skin’s surface, adding and releasing tension on the string with her fingers. The twist in the thread grasps hairs and lifts them from the follicles. The thread’s straight edge makes clean lines, allowing artists to shape the arch of the brow precisely.

Threading also can be used to tidy the hairline and remove unwanted hair on the chin, upper lip, neck, jaw line or ears. Results last two to four weeks, depending on individual hair growth rates. It’s gentle on sensitive skin, Shap said, especially for those with acne who take Retin-A or Accutane medications.

“Redness is minimal because there’s no heat, chemicals or harsh pulling on the skin. There’s no mess, so people can slip in for a 10-minute session during their lunch break and no one at the office will be any wiser,” Shap laughed. “Eyebrow threading gives a lot of bang for the buck. It’s light on the wallet and heavy on ‘wow’ factor.”

About Michelle’s Hair Salon & Spa
Michelle’s Hair Salon & Spa offers hair and beauty services in the heart of Westlake Village in Ventura County, Calif. Established in 1994, the salon features the expertise of master stylist Michelle Shap, who has more than 25 years in the industry. She and her staff cater to both men and women, offering full-scale services in a relaxed yet upscale environment. In addition to threading, Michelle’s Hair Salon & Spa specializes in cutting, coloring and styling hair, as well as nail care, facials, waxing and hair products. Hours: 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Other questions about eyebrow threading? Contact Michelle Shap at info(at)michelleshairsalon(dot)com or (805) 497-2826.

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