Patti Robertson's New Book: Choices Reveals Lip-Smacking Recipes that are Actually Good for You

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You know how the old saying goes: "You are what you eat." And that's the thing with those old sayings – they very often contain more than a grain or a kernel of truth. If you continue to fill your tummy with unhealthy, artery-clogging, low-nutrition food, chances are you will one day wind up with an unhealthy body. You will be asking for trouble – and there will be a price to pay for it.

Look at the obesity statistics in North America. Look at the trans-fats and the salts and the refined sugars that are so routinely a part of the North American diet and the continent's food industry. And then, look at the medical statistics in both the United States and Canada – you will see a health system that simply cannot keep pace with the costs of treating unhealthy adults victimized either by their own lack of nutrition knowledge or their unwillingness to make sensible, healthy eating choices.

When it comes to the food we eat, Patti Robertson has pretty much seen it all. She spent part of her young-adult years working in a fast-food burger joint in Owen Sound, Ontario. Later on, she found herself struggling with infection, chronic fatigue and food-allergy issues. Patti who has always enjoyed a love affair with food, began to take stock of what she might be doing to her body. Out went the old and in came the new: Gone from Patti's diet were the processed, refined foods; out went the preservatives and the chemical additives. In came the natural, healthy kinds of foods you might grow in your garden; in came a gradual return to health and vibrancy – and eventually, in came a desire to share her thoughts (and her healthy-food ways) with others.

The result is Patti’s newly released publication called Choices: Celebrating a Wholesome, Natural Approach to Alternative Dining. This 182-page guide to healthy eating and healthy living is jam-packed with delicious, good-for-you, easy-to-make recipes. Chapter 1 kicks off with recipes for dips, sauces and beverages; the subsequent five chapters offer Patti’s take on the preparation of soups, salads, entrees, vegetables and side dishes, and lip-smacking desserts.

Readers will be delighted to learn that the foods they love can be prepared in new ways that offer both high nutrition and incredible taste. Choices may be particularly helpful for readers now living with a host of health-related issues, ranging from food allergies to digestive troubles to celiac disease – even for those suffering from heart disease and certain cancers.

And that, ultimately, represents the true benefit from a publication such as this. The decisions we make about the food we eat are nothing more than a personal choice. Patti Robertson's Choices makes it abundantly clear that the food choices we make can make the difference between smart, healthy living and the possibility of an uncertain, unhealthy future.

And here's the delicious kicker, especially for readers with a sweet tooth: Patti’s recipes for "decadent brownies" and "decadent truffles" are nothing short of wonderful! Imagine that – yummy truffles that won't pack on the pounds!

Choices: Celebrating a Wholesome, Natural Approach to Alternative Dining
by Patti Robertson
ISBN: 9780986599101


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