DUIAttorney Blog Highlights Connection Between Alcohol Addiction and DUI

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Is there a difference between alcohol addiction and abuse? How does alcohol addiction effect DUI rates? A recent blog post shines a light on an important subject.

What is the difference between alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse? Why do majority of drinking and driving involve multiple offenders? Is there any point where you can drink and drive?

Leading DUI blog for DUIAttorneyHome.com answers these questions in a recent post.

You were caught drinking and driving for the second time. You were just pulled over as a minor under the influence. Or maybe you just drank some one day, got in the car, and were pulled over. The variety of situations where drinking and driving connect is clear. What isn't as clear is alcohol dependence.

"Alcohol addiction is a dependence on drinking. You are addicted to the rush, come-down, or other mind and body change given to you by alcohol," the recent post highlights. And alcohol abuse is "Alcohol used in extreme just on occasion is abuse. It’s different than being addicted, as you do not have a dependency on the alcohol."

Is there any point where you can safely drink and drive? It won't matter in any case if your a minor. All states have separate laws for under age drinkers, such as the fact if your breathalyzer test even registers a .01 percentage, you can be charged. There is clearly never a point where it's safe to drink and drive. "Just drinking increases your chances of getting into an accident," the post notes. "That makes it wise to simply avoid ever driving after drinking."

And if you get into an accident, you can expect stiffer penalties. The post points out your chances of getting into a car accident after drinking are very high. States point out how many deaths every year are related to drinking and driving. New York, for example, registers that one third of all deaths are related to drivers using drugs or alcohol.

Even first time offenders can expect extended jail time, especially if someone was hurt. If you hurt someone while drinking and driving, the post points out that it won't matter of your addicted or just drank a few -- you can be charged with a felony.

The warnings the blog post highlights may seem to be harsh, but with all states enacting tougher DUI, DWI, and OWI laws in recent years, it's the truth. Read more about DUI laws, penalties, and defenses at DUIAttorneyHome.

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