Hottie Body Jewelry Addresses Parental Worry about Body Piercing with Accurate Information and Professional Advice

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Founder of, Lee Ryan is pleased to announce the launch of her new blog, Developed as a counterpart to her web store, this informational source defines piercing terminology, provides expert tips on how to make all piercings safe and sterile and encourages reader feedback! Visit the original website to discover a quality selection of body jewelry and tattoo supplies.

Professional body-piercer Lee Ryan is pleased to announce the publication of her brand-new blog, Developed as an informational counterpart to her original website, this interactive platform was designed to provide readers with a helpful collection of tips and techniques to ensure safety and sterilization and when undergoing a new or first-time piercing – she even provides guidance for self-piercers.

“Over the past years, there has been a huge increase in the popularity of body piercing and modification, especially with younger people. Many parents are concerned about body piercing and stretching, and are struggling with the decision of whether to allow their children to get pierced or begin stretching their ears,” Ryan said. “As a parent myself, who has dealt with this issue in my personal life, I realized there is a lack of unbiased and accurate information, and much of what is out there is misinformation designed to scare people into tattoo parlors. Many parents are afraid if they don't give in to their kid’s demands, their sons or daughters will try to pierce themselves, often with safety-pins, nails or other dangerous objects. addresses this issue in an open forum setting and provides the information and professional advice necessary to deal with this and many other issues.”

At, Ryan’s original website, shoppers are invited to browse an extensive selection of wholesale body jewelry including: belly rings, tongue rings, ear plugs, ear tunnels, ear stretchers, labrets/Monroes, nipple rings, nose rings and eyebrow jewelry – with free shipping on all orders within the United States.

The web store also provides a slew of wholesale piercing supplies designed for tattoo and piercing parlors (as well as individuals) such as piercing needles, autoclaves, forceps, body jewelry and body piercing kits – all professionally sterilized and packaged. Plus, the site carries an array of sterilized tattoo supplies such as colorful inks, tattoo needles, tattoo machines, disposable grips and power supplies. Wholesale bulk orders of all piercing supplies including sterilized and non-sterilized body jewelry may also be purchased.

“Most people have been led to believe that body piercing is a secret art, so complicated that it cannot be learned or successfully completed outside of a tattoo parlor – we are here to debunk this myth. Our body-piercing kits include instructional how-to videos and aftercare guidelines and can be purchased by adults online or at our retail store location,” Ryan said. “At our store, we have created a clean and casual, pressure-free atmosphere for body piercing – the opposite of typical tattoo shops. Our customers tell me daily that, until they came into Hottie Body Jewelry, they have never experienced the care and concern we demonstrate. As corny as it sounds, I really do care about people and I'm concerned about their welfare.”

Check out Hottie Body Jewelry located in Lancaster, Cali. to experience the professional piercings services of Ryan, whose talent is backed by 15 years of experience and expert medical training. With her medical background and years of experience as a professional body-piercer, Ryan brings much-needed medical knowledge and expertise to the body-art industry.

“I became aware of the alarmingly small amount of information out there for people who wish to get pierced or who’ve decided to pierce themselves – a scary thought since body piercing has become so mainstream these days – and decided to use my expert knowledge and professional experience to guide these people through a safe and sterile process,” Ryan said.

About the Company: is owned and operated by Lee Ryan and currently provides 100 percent free shipping on all website orders within the United States; no minimum purchase required.

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