New Failure Mode Smart Copy and Mass Update Capabilities within Ivara® EXP Enterprise

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Ivara solutions in sustainable reliability practices and technology move customers toward best-in-class asset management.

"...Ivara builds effective software in a way that reflects how clients need to use these tools in a world that is expected to do more with less while maintaining availability, reliability and quality" - Paul Marshall, CEO, Ivara

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Ivara Corporation, the industry leader and innovator in asset performance management solutions, announces significant new functionality within Ivara® EXP Enterprise software; Smart Copy Failure Mode Wizard and a Condition Indicator Mass Update as part of its Strategy Development and Implementation/Performance Management modules respectively. EXP enables Operations and Maintenance to collect, consolidate and act on all of the condition data you need to optimize asset performance and reliability. EXP processes condition data from all sources to anticipate the onset of failures and make timely and informed proactive maintenance decisions to mitigate risk and the consequences of failure; while at the same time, lowering operational costs.

EXP Smart Copy
The Smart Copy functionality in EXP is a powerful new feature to copy failure modes and action plans for an entire hierarchical structure to corresponding assets in another structure. The tool guides you through each step to specify the hierarchy structure and failure modes to copy from, and the structure to copy them to. You can copy to an existing hierarchy structure, or you may create an entire new structure during the copy. The smart copy wizard is the most effective and efficient way to create new analyses where similar asset structures exist. The structures do not need to match exactly as EXP determines the correct mapping based on rules you set as well as allowing you to resolve any mapping issues. This functionality facilitates the scalability and sharing of effective maintenance within a plant and across other plants.

“Developing a reliability based maintenance program requires identifying failure modes and effects with recommended action plans to mitigate the consequences of failure. The resource time, effort and cost to effectively define and to execute in any organization is large.” says Florian Lenders, Vice President, Ivara & The Aladon Network. “Over the years the concept of failure mode libraries has become popular in an effort to template common failure modes across like equipment to reduce the overall time to implement. The traditional approach with failure modes defined using RCM or FMEA is to use these individual failure modes as template library items to develop new programs on similar equipment validated against the operating context. Depending on the complexity of the equipment in question, this approach in itself can be cumbersome in certain situations. This is the case when a complex asset structure like a haul truck represents hundreds or thousands of failure modes that may be applicable to an identical haul truck in the same operating context. Copying this information one failure mode at a time is not realistic in this case and is even more time consuming across fifteen or twenty similar haul trucks.”

The Smart Copy functionality also goes beyond simply copying failure modes groups across multiple asset structures. The EXP Smart Copy tool copies failure modes, failure effects, condition indicators and states, tasks and routes while maintaining a link to the original analysis. Whether it is used for mobile equipment, manufacturing systems, transmission equipment or oil and gas equipment, any asset can be copied entirely if the operating context and characteristics warrant. In this way, RCM Facilitators spend the majority of their time and effort on the first asset group and reap the benefits on similar assets to speed the implementation of technically-based maintenance programs. To ensure quality, the Smart Copy functionality provides controls to manage the review and approval of any new copy prior to implementation.

EXP Mass Update
With the capability of EXP Smart Copy, EXP templates and other EXP copy tools, the development of condition based indicators and states can progress rapidly as the new maintenance programs are rolled out across multiple asset groups. The importance of quality in developing this base or template maintenance data becomes more critical as multiple copies are created across the enterprise. To assist with the management of improvements or updates to condition based maintenance indicators, the EXP Mass Update functionality allows you to fine tune condition monitoring criteria and easily apply those changes to large numbers of indicators implemented across a broad multisite asset base. Implementing RCM/FMEA recommendations and maintaining a living reliability program is made easier in Ivara EXP Enterprise with the ability to update multiple states, collection frequencies, PdM Technologies, and other data from one condition indicator to a large group of indicators. Now Maintenance and Operations can rapidly deploy multiple condition based indicators as a result of RCM or FMEA analysis and be assured that any changes at any time can be quickly and easily applied to maintain the quality of your maintenance program. Whether you use EXP templates at your site, EXP online data or pre-existing indicators at other EXP sites, you can manage and standardize all of your CBM indicator data across the entire enterprise regardless of its source.

“These extremely powerful and innovative capabilities in Ivara EXP Enterprise keep us and our customers ahead of the competition” says Paul Marshall, CEO, Ivara Corporation. “Where existing programs may have failed to deliver expected results, the Ivara technology coupled with the Ivara Work Smart® delivery approach have delivered bottom line results to our customers at a time when it’s most needed. This new functionality reflects Ivara’s commitment to not only build effective software, but to build it in a way that reflects how clients need to use these tools in a world that is expected to do more with less while maintaining availability, reliability and quality.”
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About Ivara:
Ivara is the leader in asset performance management software and consulting services to instill a proactive process for Maintenance and Operations to care for their production equipment. Ivara® EXP Enterprise prevents industrial equipment failure, increases production and lowers costs for better business performance. EXP transforms data into real-time intelligence enabling plant management to make fast and accurate business decisions. Customers worldwide, representing a cross section of asset intensive industries, realize the benefits of EXP every day. For more information about Ivara, visit

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