Women Seek Holistic Approach to Fertility Over 40

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Unique program combines acupuncture, hypnotherapy, yoga, nutrition, and conventional infertility treatments.

Celine Dion isn’t the only woman using acupuncture to get pregnant at age 42. Last week’s news may be a surprise to some, but at the offices of Oakland acupuncturist Maria Yung, many women have put their faith in this ancient Chinese therapy.

“Since Celine Dion spread the news about combining acupuncture and modern fertility treatments, I’ve had dozens of phone calls from women wanting to learn more,” said Yung. “Many Bay Area women decide to have children later in life,” she added, “and they are eager for any help in conceiving – they know that time isn’t on their side.”

A Unique Integrative Program
Yung’s approach is a unique program that combines acupuncture with a variety of conventional and alternative treatments for infertility. Fertility drugs, Chinese herbs, hypnotherapy, and massage all have a place in Yung’s program. This integrative, holistic approach has helped her produce remarkable results – including many full term pregnancies for women in their 40s.

“Infertility is a very complex problem,” says Yung. “There is never just one simple answer. We must address every aspect of my patients’ health: nutrition, sleep, emotions, circulation, hormones… it’s important to treat the whole patient, not just the reproductive system.”

Yung is one of the only acupuncturists in the country to have a complete fertility team working with her patients. Her staff includes a medical doctor, hypnotherapist, registered dietitian, naturopathic doctor, yoga instructor, and even a family therapist. “The stress caused by fertility challenges can be overwhelming,” says Yung, “and in time stress can become a major part of the problem.” Helping her patients keep their emotional balance is an important part of Yung’s treatment.

Treating the Whole Person
“I believe very strongly in an approach that includes the mind, body, and spirit," says Yung. "Women facing fertility challenges need the support of a team that treats the whole person. Infertility is more than just a medical problem, it is an emotional and spiritual challenge that can exhaust even the strongest woman.”

Third generation tradition
With a wall full of testimonials and baby pictures, Yung is following a tradition started over 70 years ago by her grandmother, Dr. Bing Yin Lee, who practiced Chinese medicine in Oakland until age 95. Surrounded by a diverse team of healthcare providers and in the shadow of the high-tech wonders of Summit Hospital, Yung continues to use an ancient Chinese art to help women achieve their dream of parenthood.


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