Credit Expert Rescues Struggling Debtors with a “Name Your Own Price” Offer

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Credit expert Philip Tirone is giving debtors a chance to pay whatever they can afford—even if it is nothing—for his $1,000 credit-repair and bank-negotiation package. All customers, including those who do not pay, will receive the entire program and learn how to save hundreds of dollars each month by improving their credit scores and negotiating for lower interest payments.

I always felt conflicted because the people who most needed my program could not afford it. I had a cure for a disease, but I felt like I was only helping the rich

Tired of watching banks torment customers with towering interest rates and deceptive lending practices, a credit guru has decided to come to the rescue by making an offer hard to refuse. Pay what you can—or pay nothing if you are flat broke—and he will repair your credit and show you how to save hundreds of dollars each month, even if you have been through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, or collections process.

For the next 30 days, the author of 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score, Philip Tirone, is allowing new customers to name their own price and receive his entire credit-improvement and bank-negotiation program, which he previously sold for $1,000. Past customers who paid full price are eligible for a partial or full refund, allowing them to take advantage of the “name your own price” offer as well.

“I always felt conflicted because the people who most needed my program could not afford it. I had a cure for a disease, but I felt like I was only helping the rich,” said Tirone, explaining his decision to allow people to take a 10, 50, or even 100 percent discount on the program. The complete program includes a seminar, online courses, books, workbooks, forms, worksheets, DVDs, CDs, weekly coaching, and podcasts. Tirone asks those who do not pay full price to help him spread the word.

“If someone takes a 90 percent discount but spreads the word to three or four people, and they tell three or four more people, I can afford to extend this offer beyond 30 days,” Tirone said. “It’s a grassroots movement for the people.”

New customers are not required to prove financial distress to be eligible for the discount.

“This is based purely on the honor system,” said Tirone, explaining that he has been touched by the stories people tell him when purchasing his program at a 98 or 100 percent discount. Rather than feeling disappointed when people take large discounts, Tirone said he is ecstatic to help people whose electricity is being turn off, or those whose homes are being foreclosed.

“A lot of people need a break, and this is it,” said Tirone, who has helped people across America stave off financial disaster.

Tirone believes that if people pay what they can afford, everyone can access this critical information.

“I’m spreading a message that needs to be in the hands of hundreds of millions of people,” he said. “If we spread the word to enough people who begin to understand these unpublished rules, millions of Americans will feel a level of financial independence that currently is beyond their reach.”

Tirone estimates that his program will allow 100 million Americans with credit scores below 720 to save $300 each and every month. In other words, $360 billion a year could be pumped back into the economy through his “name your own price” credit repair program.

Consumers can register at For additional information, contact Natalie Sanchez.

About Philip Tirone:

Philip Tirone is the founder of the Mortgage Equity Group (The MEG) and an expert in residential home financing. Tirone transitioned into the credit industry after watching his clients struggle to obtain loans due to hardships caused by the credit-scoring systems. Leveraging years of experience in difficult-to-obtain loans for clients with stated incomes and/or poor credit scores and studying tens of thousands of credit reports to identify patterns of change, Tirone became an expert in the world of credit-scoring, authoring the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score products.

Contact: Natalie Sanchez
7 Steps to 720, LLC
(877) 720-7267 ext. 4

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