From Washington to Main Street: Prosen Center Survey Reflects the Impact of Government on Small Business

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What small business leaders across America think about increased government regulation, access to credit and the impact tax increases and new healthcare legislation will have on their business.

Forget what politicians say about enormous profits and greed. Free enterprise and capitalism are the backbone of our country and are here to stay."

How are you feeling about the future of business lately? Management and leadership training expert Bob Prosen wanted to know. In a recent survey conducted by The Prosen Center for Business Advancement, 334 small business owners across the country gave their views on the impact government growth and involvement is having on their businesses.

These small business owners have serious concerns over recent government activities that affect them directly and profoundly. Beginning with taxes and healthcare, an overwhelming 95.1% believe tax increases will continue, and 78.6% feel the new healthcare regulations are unhealthy for their businesses.

The federal government’s increasing authority over business is also worrisome for 88.2% of respondents, and 83.4% are really feeling the squeeze from ever-tightening government regulation of their business operations. Wall Street regulations are less of a shared concern, with 45.0% seeing new controls as harmful while 35.4% see them as helpful. The outlook for access to business credit is also evenly split, with 50.1% expecting more difficulties securing credit, and 49.8% expecting easier access.

Profits are expected to increase for a hopeful 44.4% of small businesses in 2010 as compared to 2009. However, 23.7% are looking at decreasing profits this year. When asked about the business environment over the past six months, 43.2% saw improvement while 24% feel things have generally gotten worse for them.

For the next six months, 53.1% say their expectations are improving. Still, 9.3% of small business owners are reeling under a constant and seemingly endless barrage of new taxes and regulations. These people are feeling helpless and vulnerable, and frankly worried about the short term viability of their businesses.

Most telling of all, 77.1% of small business owners believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, and a whopping 88.8% say they do not trust Congress.

Overall these survey results indicate that, even with an improved business environment and a positive outlook for business in the near future, small business owners share some very real concerns for their lives and livelihoods if the current trends toward increasing government regulation and growth continue. The economic health of our country depends on employment. Since small business provides two thirds of all new jobs, continued economic uncertainty ensures continued high unemployment.

Bob Prosen is a leading management and leadership training expert as well as president and CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement which conducted this survey. Prosen takes a firm and vocal stand that government needs to step aside and let small businesses prosper. In his award-winning book "Kiss Theory Good Bye," Prosen outlines precise business execution steps to effectively restore the confidence and profitability of small businesses that are worried more about increased taxes and regulations instead of growing and hiring more workers. Prosen offers advice for overcoming concerns about today’s business environment by consistently growing revenue and profit, getting the entire workforce on board and working together to accomplish the organization's top objectives, increasing accountability and getting results.

"Don't batten down the hatches, lay low or hope to play through. Stand up, take charge and win," Prosen advises. "Companies are in business for one reason – to make money. Forget what politicians say about enormous profits and greed. Free enterprise and capitalism are the backbone of our country and are here to stay."

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Bob Prosen is president and CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement and shows business leaders everywhere how to rapidly improve performance and profit. He is a frequent guest on radio, MSNBC and FOX News. He is also a Corporate Management Consultant with USA TODAY and the bestselling author of "Kiss Theory Good Bye," which gives leaders tools and business execution steps to achieve extraordinary bottom-line results. He writes a monthly column, "The Innovators," for

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