Myxer’s BoomBox Study Shows 74% of Users Still Buy CDs, Radio Remains Most Popular Way to Discover New Music

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Survey of more than 1,000 mobile users sheds new light on music purchasing habits, behaviors and trends.

“Social media and the mobile internet have NOT killed the radio star, not yet at least,” said Myk Willis, CEO of Myxer.

Despite the rise in smartphone users, and increase in purchases of mobile entertainment content, traditional media channels (including packaged CDs, live events, radio and television) still remain a popular way for people to access new music and artists. Captured in the latest BoomBox report, Myxer today reveals some surprising user preferences as they relate to music purchases, behaviors and trends across its 35 million-member community.

According to the study, 74% of Myxer users still buy CDs, while nearly half of respondents (47%) have reported that radio is the most popular way for them to discover new music. In terms of finding out about local music, radio is also the largest with 45% users claiming that as their preferred source, while word of mouth accounts for the second largest share at 31%.

Within the digital domain, the study found that 32% of users listen to music on their phone between 1-5 hours a week, with 26% claiming they listen to music on their phone 20 hours a week or more. When it comes to actual purchases, 42% of respondents listed iTunes as the source where they get most of their music from, followed by “other” category, which accounts for 23%.

Live music and merchandise, currently considered to be primary drivers of revenue for the music industry are thriving according to the report. 65% of Myxer users attended a live music event in the past year and 55% of them bought something from the artist at the venue.

Here’s a closer look at the categories and survey responses:

How do you discover new music?
Radio – 47%
iTunes – 15%
TV – 12%
Facebook/Twitter – 11%
MySpace – 7%
Pandora – 5%
Live Concerts – 3%

How many hours a week do you listen to music on your phone?
0 – 17%
1-5 – 32%
6-10 – 15%
11-20 – 10%
20+ – 26%

How many live music events have you attended in the last year?
0 – 35%
1-2 – 39%
3-10 – 18%
10-20 – 4%
20+ – 4%

At venues you’ve attended, what did you buy?
CDs and DVDs – 44%
T-shirts – 35%
Posters – 11%
Stickers & patches – 5%
Hats – 5%

How do you find out about local music?
Radio – 45%
From my friends – 31%
Facebook/Twitter – 9%
TV – 8%
Local newspaper – 6%
Jambase –1%

How many CDs have you bought in the last 12 months?
0 – 22%
1-5 – 40%
5-10 – 20%
10-20 – 9%
20+ – 9%

How many MP3s have you bought in the last 12 months?
0 – 37%
1-5 – 32%
5-10 – 9%
10-20 – 6%
20+ – 16%

Where do you consume most of your entertainment?
Internet – 49%
TV – 18%
Radio – 16%
Phone – 10%
Other – 7%

What device do you use most to listen to music?
iPod – 29%
Computer – 27%
Car – 24%
Phone – 15%
Other – 5%

Where do you get most of your music from?
iTunes – 42%
Other – 23%
Friends – 18%
Walmart – 9%
Best Buy – 5%
Amazon – 2.5%
Direct from artist – .5%

What is your age?
13-17 – 20%
18-24 – 21%
25-34 – 23%
35-54 – 32%
55+ – 4%

“While we have long known that entertainment is inherently social, making word-of-mouth and social media important avenues of discovery for new music, we were surprised to find that radio is still so relevant for discovery among those polled,” said Myk Willis, CEO of Myxer. “Social media and the mobile internet have NOT killed the radio star, not yet at least.”

Since 2005 Myxer has cataloged various data points: age, gender, geographic location, phone model, manufacturer, carrier, as well as the operating system of each handset that initiated a download from its delivery platform that now supports more than seven million monthly unique visitors downloading over 80 million content items from Myxer each month. For this month’s report, Myxer used PollDaddy, an online polling and survey tool, which gathered responses from 1,049 Myxer users.

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