New Fitness Program Offers Olympic Workout in Four Minutes a Day

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20 Second Fitness Proves It’s Possible with Intense Interval Training

Tiffany, a mother of five, is back at her high school weight after using 20 Second Fitness

You will push the body to its limits 20 seconds at a time – you can do anything for 20 seconds. An increase in metabolism results in more calories burned which results in greater weight loss.

High-intensity interval training is the science behind the new workout series, 20 Second Fitness. The program turns the body into a calorie-burning machine, losing weight and shaping up in 20 second intervals for four to 12 minutes a day.

The workouts are designed to exhaust your muscles in the shortest amount of time possible, using a method that company founder Spencer Larson developed by combining Dr. Izumi Tabata style workouts, 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise used to train Olympic speed skaters, with the short high intensity workouts to muscle failure used by body builders like Mike Mentzer. The major difference is that 20 Second Fitness is a total body workout within a four-minute time frame.

“The body’s metabolism increases significantly when introduced to interval training where you push your muscles to exhaustion,” said Larson. "You will push the body to its limits 20 seconds at a time – you can do anything for 20 seconds. An increase in metabolism results in more calories burned which results in greater weight loss.”

According to Larson, there are three things needed for an exercise program to succeed: (1) Consistency - it needs to be a way of life; (2) Overload - you need both muscular and aerobic overload for real world fitness to occur and; (3) Burn more calories than you consume.
“Look back on all the different things you’ve tried that didn’t work and chances are, the program was missing one of those three elements,” said Larson.

With all that life demands, 20 Second Fitness is a health regimen the average person can do for life. The workout is done in four to 12 minutes, depending on which of the warm-up weeks or 24 exercise combinations are done in a day. Larson says to associate the workout to a positive habit done daily such as brushing teeth (two minutes) or taking a shower (12 minutes). It’s that easy to incorporate, get in shape and lose weight.
Tracy Jones, a mother and full-time national account manager from Utah is a great example of incorporating the 20 Second Fitness routine into a busy life.

"As a Mom and someone that works full-time plus traveling fourteen days out of each month, 20 Second Fitness has made it very easy to stay motivated and not fall from my exercise routine when I’m on the road,” said Jones. “I have been doing the workouts faithfully for about five months, have lost 58 pounds and have gone from a tight 22 pant size to a loose 12. Anyone can fit this workout in their day – that is the beauty of it AND you get great results!"

Visit for additional information and to purchase the DVDs, which retail for $120 and have a 90-day money back guarantee. The set includes 40 workouts on 6 DVDs , set of gym quality resistance bands, full size exercise mat, speed rope, food guide and progress wall calendar.

Note: Spencer Larson is available for interviews and on-site demonstrations of the 20 Second Fitness program. In addition, 20 Second Fitness will be visiting select cities to host a fitness clinic with an interval training demonstration for the public. Visit for the tour schedule. Contact Matt Hiller at 702-768-5584 or matt(at)20second(dot)com to request a sample to review.

About 20 Second Fitness
A workout that can be done on any schedule, 20 Second Fitness offers at-home interval training that will work when everything else has failed. The program is based on three factors:
Consistency - It’s easy to be consistent with four to 12 minutes a day. Everyone can find four minutes a day.
Overload - 20 Second Fitness is always tough. There is no ceiling. You can always go faster, heavier, harder.
Calorie Burn - 20 Second Fitness’ quick, intense workouts boosts your metabolism and keeps you burning calories long after the workout is over.
The 20 Second Fitness DVDs are available at

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20 Second Fitness


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