Wine Connoisseur Denies Alcoholism Until Love Enters His Life

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Jack Summers denied he had a drinking problem—he was simply a wine connoisseur. He could not see that his lifestyle was in a downward spiral until he fell in love with another wine lover who shared his many interests—and his addiction.

A good glass of wine can be enjoyable, but when it interferes with one’s relationships and quality of life, the results can be disastrous. Discover how one wine connoisseur faced the truth of his drinking problem in George Kuc’s “Fermented Memories” (ISBN 9780557391981, Lulu, 2010).

Jack Summers is a regular guy with one particular hobby—or rather obsession—being a wine connoisseur. His love of wine leads him to drink at every opportunity—at home, at work, and on the road. He puts wine tasting events before everything in his life and wants to spend all his time with other wine connoisseurs. Even when his best friend, Julie, and the store clerk, wine sage Adrian, suggest he may have a drinking problem, Jack refuses even to look at how his lifestyle is affecting his relationships and his ability to function normally.

Then Jack falls in love—with another wine connoisseur, Marci. Only after watching how drinking affects the other’s behavior do Marci and Jack begin to realize they each have a drinking problem. Marci loves Jack, but she decides she cannot continue a relationship with someone who allows alcohol to be first in his life. Finally, Marci gives Jack an ultimatum—the wine or her. To get Marci and his friends off his back, Jack starts attending a support group, but he has no intention to stop drinking.

Stories of alcoholics are not new, but what makes “Fermented Memories” stand out is Kuc’s portrayal of Jack’s inner thoughts, his denials, his manipulative behavior, his addiction, and even his codependent relationship with Marci. The depiction of Jack’s faulty decision-making—to drink and to spend time with those drinking to the neglect of his other relationships and his work—provides an amazing analysis of the alcoholic mindset, as well as how loved ones end up enabling an addict even when they are trying to help.

Readers are quickly recognizing “Fermented Memories” not only as great fiction, but as a stunningly insightful portrayal of alcoholism. Carol Hoyer, Ph.D. states, “I have added ‘Fermented Memories’ to my Psychology classes as a book to read to really understand what goes on in the mind of those who are addicted. It can apply to any addiction one has.” And Gary Sorkin of Pacific Book Review describes “Fermented Memories” as “Surely recommended reading for any recovering alcoholic or AA group discussion, George Kuc’s message is strongly positive. He writes in a forgiving and realistic manner which affirms hope.”

About the Author
George Kuc received a BA in Philosophy from Cal Poly, Pomona. He also received an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Citrus College. He is an active bird watcher, and is a former avid winetaster. He still visits a winery every now and then. He resides in Temple City, California.

“Fermented Memories” (ISBN 9780557391981, Lulu, 2010) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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