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Bait and Switch TV Live Debates - Connecting TV audiences directly to experts, policymakers, and celebrities on issues that affect us all. Viewers any where in the world are encouraged to participate in real-time debates about any of the controversies or issues raised in our comedy and shows. Over 60 controversial episodes and hundreds of ongoing Live Debates are in the BSTV development pipeline:

BSTV offers several parallel Live Debate series:  A Financial Crisis Debate Series with invited experts, A Human Health Debate Series with invited guests and experts, A Political Grill Debate Series with politicians and policymakers and other invited experts, and An Innovations in Science and Technology Debate Series with invited guests and experts.

Bait and Switch TV offers two debate forums: Live Debates (where TV viewers debate with experts), and Heated Debates (where TV viewers argue with each other).

Stanion Studios' Bait and Switch TV investigates controversies and complex issues using comedy, music, blogs, voting, live debates, heated debates, expert interviews, animation, online games, & special effects.

Stanion Studio's, LLC | Bait and Switch TV

A private banking cartel and its Wall Street "shadow banking" partners manipulated the global economy, sold out America, and caused the financial crisis? Really? Attorney and author Ellen Brown has written extensively on this subject, and her findings are fascinating and compelling. Here's your chance to ask her in real time how debt-based central banking works, how she knows what she knows, and what she proposes we do about it.

Food corporations spend $36 billion per year to powerfully influence your food purchasing decisions, but the industry's lobbyists are delivering, in concert, the orchestrated message that individuals and children should simply make their own responsible choices about nutrition and food safety, etc without intervention or influence by government or do-gooder food police. So who should be allowed the right to influence Americans? Only those with $36 billion to spend? Pass the Doritos! You are invited to interview Michele Simon, a public health lawyer and health advocate specializing in legal strategies and food industry tactics, about corporations, lobbyists, and food police. Setup your webcam if you want to be on TV!

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About Bait and Switch TV Live Debates

“Live Debates are about you,” says BSTV Executive Producer, Leesa Stanion, “If you could talk with an economist whose theories are currently under consideration by banking reformers, what would you ask? If you could question a scientist about antibiotics in the meat supply, or a policymaker about cloning or pharmaceutical approvals, what would you say? At BSTV, you can ask your questions and talk directly to experts, celebs, and policymakers in real time about any of the serious issues raised in our shows and comedy sketches. These Live Debates are about making TV interactive and getting you involved in the controversy and debate.”

Registered audience members may ask questions directly in real time via Livestream Chat or their webcam.

To join the debate, register at

  • Bait and Switch TV’s Live Debates (Financial Crisis Debate Series) presents Ellen Brown June 30th, 2010 3:00 PM PST / 6:00 PM EST.

How to Reset the Balance of Power: Federal Reserve Credit/Debt-based Banking versus Public and State-run Banks that will Strengthen, Not Disrupt, the U.S. Economy.

View Federal Reserve Banking System and Financial Crisis Comedy and join the debate:

Play BSTV’s “Federal Reserve Crap$hoot” online Game!

  • Bait and Switch TV’s Live Debates (Human Health Debate Series) presents Michele Simon July 8th, 2010 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST

Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How To Fight Back.

View Food Technology Comedy and then join the debate:
Play BSTV’s “Shoot the Bull” and "Prion Puzzle" online Games!

See Live Debate Calendars for more information and ongoing weekly debate schedules.

  • Other Expert Guests in the Human Health and Financial Crisis Live Debate Series:

For more information on the line up of other guests in the various BAIT AND SWITCH TV DEBATE SERIES, go to:

Bait and Switch TV: Investigative Satire is a new internet TV channel and TV series that examines controversies and cultural landscapes with the comedic force of a backhoe, digging much deeper than existing news formats while striving to keep viewers laughing. BSTV's pilot episode on the unsavory practices of the meat and dairy industries is followed by their upcoming episode on the Federal Reserve's “big, bad banking system.” There are over 60 episode's in the BSTV production pipeline, each of them followed up by dozens of Live Debates. The goal is to keep talking about these issues, keep learning, keep questioning.

With BSTV Live Debates, audiences can ask questions directly to experts, policymakers, and celebrities on issues that affect us all.

The US population/audience is ripe for facing controversy head-on and becoming an interactive force in the US socio-political decision-making processes. It’s time to fight for our democracy and Bait and Switch TV is about encouraging and empowering people to get involved in the issues that affect all our lives while maintaining a sense of humor and balance.

"We collect and organize deep-dive evidence and positions on both sides of an issue for the audience's review," says Stanion, "never dumbing it down, and deliberately punching it up with levity, animation, and music to help make some dire or dreary news and views or complex issues easier to consume. Then we schedule Live Debates with experts on both sides of the issues we examined in the TV shows to include the audience in the conversation. This allows audiences to interview the experts and policymakers directly. They can also use our Heated Debates to interact with other viewers and points of view, or vote on the issues."

She adds, "Our US constitution and free market system have led to the greatest individual liberty, prosperity, freedom, power, honor, and security ever known to humankind. But the people in this country are considered too stupid to understand "the issues", and so many mainstream depictions of the controversies and important issues in our cultural landscape are either polarized to the point of absurdity or dumbed down to the point of irrelevance, allowing only those in power to have access to the facts to re-purpose as they wish. We can do better than this! BSTV's Live Debates are a means for allowing TV audiences to interact with documentary and news content as well as the experts and policymakers behind (or in opposition to) a given controversy."

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Debate Michele Simon about her book Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How To Fight BackDebate Ellen Brown about the Financial Crisis, the Federal Reserve System and the banking cartel's stranglehold on the US economy.Bait and Switch TV announces a live debate with Ellen Brown, civil litigation attorney in Los Angeles about her latest book, Web of Debt. She will discuss the Federal Reserve System (“the money trust”), and explain how this private banking cartel has manipulated economies, caused financial crises, and usurped the power to create money from the people themselves. Most importantly, she’ll describe how we the people can get our monetary power back before globalization is consummated --via public and state-run banking solutions that will reset the purpose of banking in America without dismantling and disrupting commerce or the economy as we know it. Her earlier books focused on the pharmaceutical cartel that gets its power from the money trust. Her eleven books include Forbidden Medicine, Nature’s Pharmacy (co-authored with Dr. Lynne Walker), and The Key to Ultimate Health (co-authored with Dr. Richard Hansen). Her website is Debate Michele Simon about her book Appetite for Profit: How the Food Industry Undermines Our Health and How To Fight BackBait and Switch TV announces a live debate with Michele Simon, author of Appetite for Profit: How the food industry undermines our health and how to fight back. Michele Simon is a public health lawyer and nutrition advocate, specializing in legal strategies and food industry tactics. She received her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, and her Master's Degree in public health from Yale University. She will discuss the purpose and structure of corporations and how they cannot be entrusted with concern for human health over profits, their bait and switch PR campaigns that give the perception of change and concern for human health, how to recognize food industry lobbyists, industry groups, and front groups, the expropriation of culture by food and fast-food corporations, and the push to hold individuals responsible for not choosing to believe the $36 billion worth of advertising the food corporations pay to influence them.Each Bait and Switch TV Series episode is a deep-dive investigation of a controversial or politically-charged topic, such as genetic engineering or FDA policy or federal reserve banking and bailouts. We interview experts on all sides of a given issue or controversy.Bait and Switch TV Comedian Pundits - Will Durst, Johnny Steele, Larry Bubbles Brown, and more!STANION STUDIOS' new TV series is a cross between CBS's 60-Minutes / and the SNL newsdesk. This journalistic comedic documentary series investigates controversies with an emphasis on engaging TV viewers in the debate, keeping everyone laughing, and continually asking the question How Do Any Of Us Know What's True Any More? We interview experts on every side of a given issue or controversy. With Live Debates, Bait and Switch TV is how TV becomes truly interactive!Issues in the Heated Debates program include science, virtue, vice, banking, government, education, media, politics, Obama, entertainers, celebrities, republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives, religion, technology, genetic engineering, cloning, policy, fda, food and drug administration, big pharma, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, food industry, mad cow disease, medicine, scientific process, scientific method, environment, climate, fraud, globalization, derivatives, carbon trading, Lady Gaga explains LBOs, leveraged buyouts, goldman sachs, treasury, monetary system, economy, Federal Reserve, economics, fractional reserves, college humorIs It Possible to Reform the Financial Reform Loopholes? Vite Now!Vote on these issues at Bait and Switch TV's Heated Debates page easy credit good for capitalism? Or good for the Federal Reserve? Watch The Proud, The Rich, The Reserves at and Drug approvals by the FDA represent a win for Big PharmaIs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) being run by Aliens?It's a fair question. Is the Supreme Court now an engine of extremism and bias? Does prayer heal? Is antibiotic resistance on the rise? Should corporations have the same rights as individuals? Are we all socialists now? Did illegal immigration cause America's downfall or was it the too-big-to-jail banks? Are we being genetically engineered along with our corn? Is the Devil real? Join the debates!!