Cruise Vacation Safety: New PortaPocket Strapon Carrying Cases Keep Valuables Safe From Ship to Shore

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Taking a cruise is a popular way to enjoy a summer trip, but can be a ripe place for unsuspecting vacationers to be victimized by crime. Discreetly securing valuables on the body with an under the clothing style carrying case like PortaPocket minimizes risk of theft or loss, and provides cruisers peace of mind in the knowledge that their important things are always handily available.

Fun in the sun can become a nightmare if one isn't careful. Now that summer's upon us, many families are heading out on cruise vacations, despite the oil spill in the Gulf. With a combination of family-friendly itineraries, numerous shipboard activities and shore excursions during port visits, there is a myriad of choices to keep people entertained. But there are also many opportunities for people to be at risk for crime, so it it prudent to recognize the pitfalls and prepare accordingly.

It is easy to be lulled into a false sense of security with the easy-going atmosphere and loose structure of activities. Cruise ships allow for many different tastes and often have on-board facilities like gyms, casinos, dance bars, and more. Putting things like one's passport or cell phone in the cabin safe may make one feel secure, but oftentimes there are overrides to the safe codes, and therefore valuables can be at risk. And shore excursions can be another place where people can easily fall prey.

“When traveling on a cruise, it's always a good idea to travel smart...” says Stewart Chiron, The Cruise Guy® and America's most quoted cruise expert, “try PortaPocket to protect your valuables like credit cards, IDs and cash while out on tours.” Kevin Coffey founder of Corporate Travel Safety, LLC agrees with this strategy and suggests for people to “use an under-the-clothing style money pouch. Non security style waist packs and handbags are prime targets for cut and run thieves who cut the strap and disappear into the crowd.”

Minimizing opportunities for thieves and pickpockets is the key; concealing vital items in unexpected places is a way to achieve this. One advantage of the PortaPocket system is its versatility and multi-functionality that allows its use on many different parts of the body. Consisting of an adjustable neoprene band and detachable, interchangeable pocket, the system comfortably and securely wraps around a limb to keep important items discreet, yet easily within reach. It can be hidden under a dress or shorts while worn on a thigh, underneath a skirt, capris or yoga pants while worn just above a calf, and under slacks or jeans while wrapped around an ankle. It also can be used on the arm or at the waist, as desired. The streamlined components are simple to conceal under the clothing without adding bulk, and are lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.

Pocket sizes accommodate small essentials like credit cards, cabin keycards, passports and cash, and cell phones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid. They are also useful for iPods and small cameras as well as for vital medical devices like insulin pumps, inhalers and EpiPens.

PortaPocket kits range from $8.95 to $24.95 and are available on Amazon, at select retailers, or via For more information, call Undercover Solutions, LLC at 847-809-3408

Even with the current BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf, cruise vacations are available to enjoy. According to a 6/21/10 article on, in the upcoming months cruise lines may also be positively affected by this. Said blogger Rich Tucker. "People who have planned land-based vacations to the Gulf shores may end up going on a cruise instead to get away from the [contaminated] areas." Vacationers can have successful cruise experiences by adapting prudent valuables-safekeeping strategies and with any luck, the only oil spill they'll have to contend with is the one from tipping over their suntan liquid!


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