FacialFeminization.com Launches New Website for Transgender Surgery

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A Revolutionary New Resource for Transgender Feminization and Facial Surgery offered by Murphy Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Murphy has expert professional experience in the latest in-demand methods from the realm of facial feminization surgery.

Dr. Terrence P. Murphy, a well respected cosmetic surgeon based in the Denver area, has launched a new website devoted to the unique surgical needs of transgender individuals.

Facial feminization technology represents a specialized form of facial surgery designed to shape a human face to resemble that of an average female. While the majority of these patients are transgender, some non-transgender women seeking more feminine facial features may also elect to undergo these procedures.

Dr. Murphy has expert professional experience in the latest in-demand methods from the realm of facial feminization surgery. His new website discusses in detail the various procedures he is qualified to perform. These include some of the following.

Forehead Contouring and Forehead Reconstruction

Female foreheads are typically smoother and flatter than male foreheads. They also tend to have less of a brow ridge running below the eyebrow level. Using methods involving cranioplasty (forehead reconstruction), bone grinding, hydroxyapatite (bone cement), and bone compression techniques, Dr. Murphy is able to reshape a patient’s forehead into the desired feminine physique.

Jaw Tapering

A mandibular angle reduction is a procedure that rounds off the back corner of the jaw to achieve the more narrow appearance typically seen in females. This is done to counteract the wider, taller, more pronounced angles that are characteristic in male jaws.

Cheekbone Reduction

The process of cheekbone reduction can involve the shaving off of the outer layer of the cheekbones as well as repositioning them. Cheek implants are another common tactic to feminize this area of the face, as females often have fuller cheeks than males.

Other techniques Dr. Murphy offers to complete the full transgender feminization transformation are:

Brow Lifts
Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Tucks
Corrugator / Frown Muscle Removals
Facelifts including mini-facelifts / Cheeklifts
Lip Lifts and Lip Augmentation
Facial Fat Grafting
Otoplasty, Ear reduction
Laser resurfacing
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Arm Contouring/Lift
Liposuction of almost any area
Fat Grafting Buttock Augmentation
Buttock Implants
Upper Body Lift
Lower Body Lift
Thigh Buttock Lift
Medial Thigh Lifts

http://www.facialfeminization.com is a user-friendly website offering a wealth of information for anyone considering cosmetic surgery. Current and prospective patients can explore Dr. Murphy’s background and qualifications and view testimonials from satisfied past clients. Details regarding recent media appearances and upcoming events are updated regularly, and there is a page devoted to the exclusive Concierge Surgery Services offered at the center’s Monarch Retreat.

Individuals interested in facial feminization can log on today and complete an easy online form to register for a free confidential consultation with Dr. Murphy, Denver’s cosmetic surgeon of choice for facial surgery procedures.


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